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Pastor Mike Online 08-25-16, CERN, Human Sacrifice Or Mock Ritual Part 2 (LD)

Visit – In today’s show, Pastor Mike Hoggard continues the discussion about the hidden meaning and purpose behind the CERN witchcraft ritual! Biblical analysis of the disturbing images from the ritual captured on video, reveal the nature and purpose of what officials at CERN are calling “a mock ritual.” Contact us to receive the “CERN” package. Based on this week;s PMO topic, you will receive both Pastor Mike Online shows from August 23 and 25 on DVD, plus the Elements of Wrath DVD series, The Beast of 911 DVD, and all of the audio CD’s from these DVD’s!

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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“There was a lot of talk of needing to get Christian refugees to
the West and to safety. And yet…if the Christian community leaves
the Middle East, then it’s an even more hopeless situation. So there
needs to be a strong Christian presence that remains, and our role
then is to come alongside and strengthen what remains….”
~ Anthony Rhodes, VOMC’s VP of International Projects

SYRIA: Churches Serve as Enemies Threaten

Source: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin

Saint Elias Cathedral in Aleppo
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Fede Ranghino

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, has said about the Battle for Aleppo: “This is beyond doubt one of the most devastating urban conflicts in modern times.” Around 250,000 people remain trapped in Aleppo’s rebel-held east. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu describes them as “hostages,” unable to flee because the rebels have mined the humanitarian corridors and manned them with snipers. Meanwhile, more than a million citizens — including some 40,000 mostly Assyrian and Armenian Christians — remain in Aleppo’s government-held west.

Despite the dire situation, western Aleppo’s churches continue to serve and minister. The deputy director of the public assistance department at Aleppo’s Orthodox Sunday schools, Samir Samaan, reports that Aleppo’s Saint Elias Cathedral is caring for about 4,000 newly displaced families — half of them Muslim, half of them Christian. Similarly, Jesuit priest Father Ziad Hilal said the churches are working to feed those left in Aleppo, regardless of their religion. “We give about 7,500 meals every day.”

“On one side things are dark, things are sad,” the church leader continues. “On the other hand, we see the activities of the church and how the people, especially the Christian associations, are helping. They are providing a sign of hope. Our mission is important there.” Father Ibrahim describes it as “a miracle,” noting that all the while, Christians in Aleppo are fasting and praying that “the will for peace” shall prevail “over the will for war.” In essence, may the light of Christ overcome the darkness so that many more Syrians will discover the way of God’s salvation.

Pray that the Lord of hosts will intervene in Aleppo to “preserve all who love Him” and “frustrate the way of the wicked” (Psalm 145:20; Psalm 146:9). Intercede that the Spirit of God will subvert the rebellion so the “will for peace” shall indeed prevail over “the will for war.” May the Lord provide for Aleppo’s churches, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary funds, resources and workers to continue serving and ministering as lights in the darkness (Matthew 5:14-16).

ALGERIA: Behind Bars for a Facebook Post

Sources: World Watch Monitor, Middle East Concern, Premier Radio

Slimane Bouhafs
Photo: World Watch Monitor

A Christian in Algeria has been sentenced to five years in prison — the maximum term — and given a heavy fine for blasphemy against Islam and its prophet in a social media post. Slimane Bouhafs, 49, appeared before a judge on August 7th in the eastern town of Setif within the Kabylie region, home to most of Algeria’s tiny but fast-growing Christian minority.

Slimane was arrested on July 31st for posting a message on social media about the light of Jesus overcoming the “lie” of Islam and its prophet. He also published photos showing the execution of a civilian by an Islamist terrorist. Such material is judged by the authorities as an insult to Islam, the state religion in Algeria according to its Constitution. The penal code allows for a penalty of three to five years in prison, along with a heavy fine, against anyone convicted of insulting Islam and its prophet Muhammad.

The news of Slimane’s sentence was a shock for his family who denounced what they called a “sham” trial. His daughter, Afaf, describes her father as a man who has always defended the interests of his country from a young age. She says he is known for his commitment to democracy and religious freedom through all of his writings published on Facebook.

Slimane’s family members are deeply concerned, as he suffers from a chronic illness and his health may deteriorate in prison. According to his daughter, he suffers from inflammatory rheumatism, a disease that typically worsens under stress. The president of the Protestant Church of Algeria says its lawyer will be appealing the verdict.

Ask God to minister to Slimane and his family, while mediating on his behalf throughout the appeal process. May the Lord’s peace and protection be experienced by each one, including the representing lawyer, as they seek His wisdom and ultimately place their trust in Him regarding the outcome. Also intercede on behalf of Slimane’s health concern, asking the Great Physician to grant him needed physical strength and healing.


NIGER: Equipping Persecuted Christian Workers

Source: VOM USA

Pastors and other Christian workers, who are facing increased persecution in this Muslim-majority nation, were able to attend VOM-sponsored training sessions this past June. At the request of local Christian leaders, 12 conferences were made available throughout Niger. As a result, 120 churches have received practical training and resources to help them respond to persecution and spread the Gospel. Please join us in praying for these pastors and Christian workers as they continue to plant churches, evangelize, and educate Christians on how to live as effective Christ-followers in a predominantly Islamic society.

If you would like to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe, visit VOMC’s prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. 905-670-9721 Website:

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Prisoner Profile

Held 944 days

Mohammed Hegazy

Arrested December 2013 in Egypt


06/01/2015 Update

Mohammed Hegazy, an Egyptian convert from Islam who goes by the Christian name Bishoy Armeya Boulos, was sentenced to five years in prison on June 18, 2014 after he filmed clashes between Muslims and Christians in central Egypt. He is accused of filming a demonstration without obtaining government permission, a misdemeanor crime that typically carries a maximum sentence of six months. Bishoy served six months while waiting for conviction after his Dec. 4 arrest.

The true reason for the extreme prison sentence most likely lies in Bishoy’s history. In 2007, Bishoy, then Mohammed Hegazy, petitioned the Egyptian government to change his official religious status, an unprecedented move in a thoroughly Islamic society. Bishoy converted to Christianity from Islam in 1999 at age 17. His public request to change his religious status generated death threats and forced Bishoy and his family into hiding.

After spending several years in hiding, Bishoy’s wife and two children were able to leave the country for asylum in Germany. Bishoy, however, chose to remain in Egypt, knowing that if he left, he’d never be allowed back in his home country. His own experience in hiding and being constantly followed by police made him passionate for the rights of converts to Christianity. He spends his days documenting abuses against Egyptian Christians and advocating for fair treatment.

When he was arrested, Bishoy was in southern Egypt filming clashes that resulted after Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi was ousted from office in July 2013. Hundreds of Christians were attacked, some kidnapped and thousands of churches and Christian businesses throughout the country were looted and destroyed.

Bishoy’s lawyer told World Watch Monitor that Bishoy is in good condition, though police have questioned him about his religious status, which is totally unrelated to the charge.

Bishoy and his lawyer have filed an appeal against the conviction.

Hegazy Released Under Uncertain Circumstances

Mohammed Hegazy was recently released from prison after making a public confession on July 29 that he had abandoned Christianity and returned to Islam. The 34-year-old man was released to the custody of his parents.

He had been in prison since December 2013, and his lawyer said he considered himself a Christian as recently as June 2016. Authorities have repeatedly harassed and imprisoned Hegazy, who engaged in a long battle to have his faith and name changed on his government ID card.

Please pray that Mohammed Hegazy will know the love and peace of Christ.

Lawyer Says Mohammed Regularly Beaten – May 2015

Prison authorities regularly beat Mohammed Hegazy in an attempt to break his spirit. Hegazy’s attorney reports that he is beaten and dragged across the concrete floor several times per week. Hegazy’s head has also been shaved as a form of punishment usually reserved for the most violent offenders. His attorney believes that the beatings were ordered from outside as a tactic designed to force him to renounce his Christian faith. Although Hegazy’s one-year prison sentence should have been completed in December 2014, he is still being held in Tora Prison.

Officials Deny Lawyer Access – Jan. 2015

Officials stalled an appeal by Mohammed Hegazy by feeding his lawyer misinformation about his whereabouts for several weeks. A lower court overturned two of three misdemeanor charges against the Christian convert on Dec. 28 and sentenced him to a year in prison for filming Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations without permission. Although he was eligible for immediate release, Hegazy was instead taken to prison. For several weeks afterward, his attorney was denied access to him. His defense lawyer finally located him on Jan. 26 and with Hegazy’s signature, was able to file a final appeal.

Complaints of Abuse Before Ruling – Dec. 2014

Alleging torture in the Cairo prison where he is being held on misdemeanor charges, Mohammed Hegazy began a hunger strike the week of Dec. 8 to protest abuse by prison officials, persecution for his Christian faith, and his “illegal” five-year prison sentence. A court appeals judge is expected to issue a verdict on Dec. 28 that could overturn the charges. His lawyer told World Watch Monitor that he is “optimistic” because no evidence was produced to support the allegations.

Hegazy Faces 5-Year Sentence – Nov. 2014

Egyptian officials may not permit Mohammad Hegazy to attend his court appeal hearing on Nov. 16. According to his lawyer, if he is not permitted to travel from Cairo’s Tora Prison to the court hearing in Upper Egypt’s Minya governate, his conviction and five-year prison sentence on misdemeanor charges will be confirmed by default. Despite the Minya court’s order to release him on July 20, he was transferred to Cairo to face charges for leaving Islam. In their last meeting, Hegazy told his lawyer that he is still being tortured by prison officials and that they denied his requests for a Bible.

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CERN Death Ritual

Pastor Mike Online 8-23-16 – Images from the nighttime ritual captured on video in front of the idol of Shiva, the Destroyer, and biblical analysis reveal to us the nature and purpose of what officials at CERN are calling “a mock ritual.”

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The Body, the Tabernacle, and the Gospel

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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“Those whom we serve on your behalf, who are persecuted for
professing and practising their faith in Jesus Christ, increasingly
remind us of the power of prayer, and their utter dependency
upon this vital means of accessing God’s limitless power.”
~ Doug J. McKenzie
VOMC’s Chief Executive Officer

YEMEN: Christian Witness in the Midst of Civil War

Sources: The Voice of the Martyrs USA, The New York Times

VOM helped provide aid to suffering
Christian families in Yemen.

The civil war in Yemen has created a humanitarian crisis, leaving the Christian minority vulnerable to increased persecution by various militant groups. A mission is delivering food and water supplies to a small community of Christian families who have no source of income. Nearby Muslim families are witnessing the love and unity that’s taking place among these believers.

Since the war began in early 2015, tens of thousands of people have been killed or injured, and millions displaced from their homes. Compounding the severity of the situation, the coalition’s bombing campaign has been “among the deadliest and most indiscriminate in the region’s recent history,” according to a report by The New York Times.

Yet, in the midst of this war-ravaged country where hatred and strife are having such catastrophic consequences, these believers are demonstrating the love of Jesus — not only among those of their own community but also to their Muslim neighbours. Previous reports, as well as an informative three-minute video clip on Yemen, is available here.

Praise God for the way He is working through the witness of His people who are serving as powerful examples of His compassion and loving kindness. We join them in offering thanksgiving to our Lord for making this wonderful provision of food and other necessities available. Pray that this small community of believers will continue receiving the provision in abundance so they can generously reach out to others in need by sharing what they have. May the Lord pour out His Spirit upon this nation, bringing peace and comfort to Yemen’s many innocent citizens who are trying to survive in the midst of this unresolved political war.

IRAN: Christians Arrested at Engagement Event

Sources: Middle East Concern, Mohabat News

The families of three Azerbaijani Christian men, who have been detained for almost two months in Iran, recently appealed for help. Eldar Gurbanov, Yusif Farhadov, and Bahram Nasibov were arrested on June 24th at an engagement party in Tehran. No charges have been filed against them, nor have they been allowed access to a lawyer.

About ten people were initially arrested but most were soon released. Along with the three mentioned men, a Christian convert from a Muslim background by the name of Naser Navard Gol-Tapeh has also been detained. According to one of our sources, Naser was “held separately from everyone else during the raid and there has been no word of his whereabouts since his arrest.”

The Azerbaijanis were invited to Tehran by friends. The concerned families don’t know why their loved ones were arrested nor do they know exactly where they are being held. Thankfully, since the arrests, the three men were allowed to call home. It was revealed during their telephone conversations that the imprisoned Christians have been kept in separate cells at a prison somewhere in the province of Tehran.

After receiving petitions from their families, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran requested permission to meet with the men, but this has not yet been granted. Information on how you can stand with these concerned families — by participating in a petition for their release — is available here.

Ask the Lord to make His reassuring presence tangibly known to these imprisoned men and their families as they wait upon Him for divine intervention, granting each of them the strength and encouragement required to be effective witnesses of the Gospel wherever they happen to be located. Also pray that the hearts of the governing officials involved in this case will be touched by the Holy Spirit’s promptings to “act justly and to love mercy” (Micah 6:8), so these followers of Christ can be set free and joyfully reunited with their families.


INDIA: Court Acknowledges Plight of Odisha Victims

Sources: World Watch Monitor, Release International

Obseswar Nayak stands on the remains of his property
for which he was initially offered token compensation.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

According to India’s Supreme Court, adequate compensation has not yet been paid to those who’ve suffered severe loss during the religiously-motivated tide of violence that took place against Christians in the Kandhamal district of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa).

On August 23rd, 2008, about 100 Christians were killed, 300 churches and 6,000 Christian homes damaged, and 56,000 people displaced by extremists who retaliated the killing of their Hindu leader, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati. His death sparked the worst case of anti-Christian violence in India’s history. The extremists targeted multitudes of innocent believers residing within this district, even though Maoist rebels claimed responsibility for Swami’s death.

After the violence, the local community has struggled to receive adequate compensation from the government. However, Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, believes that the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling is a positive one: “It is a step forward in justice for the victims of Kandhamal…. The justice procedure is slow and inadequate, but this is a sign of hope.”

Learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus for India’s Christians by reviewing our country report. Note that there is also a video clip (on the right) featuring a song of praise presented by the orphaned children of the Sideras Children’s Home.

After eight years of hardship — and for many persecuted victims, homelessness — it is encouraging to know that the Supreme Court of India has acknowledged the need to properly compensate those whose homes have been badly damaged or destroyed during the violent outbreak. Pray that Odisha’s state government will be able to meet this tremendous need for compensation in a timely and efficient manner so displaced Christians can finally resettle in permanent housing and move on with their lives. May God’s blessings also be upon the many rescued children whose parents were killed during the massacre so they can continue to heal, grow and thrive in the safety and care of our VOMC-sponsored homes.

If you would like to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe, visit VOMC’s prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. 905-670-9721 Website:

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Huge Hack Exposes Soros’s War on Israel

A radical left-wing billionaire’s agenda for the Jewish State exposed.

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God Calls Us Out

Pastor Mike Online 8-16-16 Obama approving government funding of chimera (animal – human hybrid) research, believers being asked to leave or forced to leave a local church house because of the falling away. God is calling us out in these days.

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Jezebel’s False Witness by Mike Hoggard

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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”
~ Isaiah 41:10 NIV

VIETNAM: Numerous Pastors Jailed and Threatened

Sources: International Christian Concern, Christian Today

More than 100 Vietnamese pastors of house churches have been imprisoned for refusing to join a central official church. The government-controlled “official church” wants to combine multiple house churches in order to control and diminish the influence of the thriving independent churches. A particular group of house churches representing a total membership of 3,000 was ordered to merge congregations and meet in a building that can hold only about 500 people.

One of the Vietnamese ministry leaders, Pastor Su, who himself served a prison term between 1975 and 1984, expressed great concern over the new ruling: “If the pastors refuse to sign a paper saying they would combine, and that their gatherings would not go over 500 people, they will be beaten or thrown into prison.”

The latest pastors to be imprisoned (more than 60 of them) joined another 42 church leaders who are still behind bars, even though the 15-year sentences they received in 2001 for practising their faith have been completed. Despite the risks, Pastor Su and his ministry team are continuing with their Christian mission among the villages of Vietnam.

In order for vitally needed ministry to endure, missionaries are trained secretly and Bible study groups move from village to village so they cannot be tracked down. Learn more about the challenges facing believers in Vietnam by reviewing our country report.

We can thank the Lord for the tremendous witnessing efforts and steadfast faith demonstrated by the persecuted Christians of Vietnam. May these church leaders and their congregation members not be intimidated by the governmental stipulations but rather encouraged to stand firm on the promises of God — relying on Him for the wisdom, diplomacy and favour required to deal appropriately with the authorities. Pray for radical changes to take place in the hearts of the Communist leaders, especially those who are responsible for implementing and administering Vietnam’s laws, so that the work of the Gospel will continue to thrive.

EGYPT: Legal Battle Ends with ‘Return to Islam’

Source: World Watch Monitor

Mohamed Hegazy with his lawyer.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Mohamed Hegazy battled with the Egyptian courts for nine years in order to be officially recognized as a Christian. His fight has just ended — with his apparent decision to return to Islam. Please pray for 34-year-old Mohamed who has endured relentless persecution since trying to change the religious status of his ID card to “Christian.” He announced his return to Islam in a video recently posted on YouTube.

Mohamed, who had been behind bars intermittently since December 2013, was charged with “protesting without permission” and “defamation of religion.” On June 29th, the court finally ordered his release on bail but it took an additional month before he was actually freed. During the ordeal, his lawyer, Karam Ghobrial, was deliberately ensnared in red tape, and Mohamed himself was transferred between several different police stations.

In his YouTube video, Mohamed utters the Shahada, the Islamic proclamation of allegiance, and then delivers an apparently well-rehearsed statement: “I say this out of my complete free will. I am not being held by any agency, nor am I under any pressure of any kind.”

Mohamed Hegazy changed his name to Bishoy Armia Boulous after he became a Christian at 16 years of age. He has been imprisoned twice, tortured and beaten repeatedly in jail; and his young family was forced to go into hiding. Previous reports on his situation, including a video clip, are available here.

Release International’s CEO, Paul Robinson, states: “We must pray for Mohamed Hegazy. We do not know what he has gone through recently, added to all that he has suffered since his conversion to Christianity. God knows his heart.”

Pray that Mohamed and his family will experience the God of all love and compassion, whose mercies are new every morning. May he receive inner peace and rest from the turmoil of his battered soul, as well as greatly needed healing and restoration – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Also intercede for his lawyer, Karam, who has paid a high price for defending his client through the ordeal. Pray that God will strengthen and protect him too. Finally, please uphold others of our extended Christian family in Egypt who are suffering great duress, that they will not be worn down by harassment and persecution but rather further strengthened and encouraged to stand firm in their faith.


NIGERIA: Update on Persecuted Teen (Danjuma)

Source: VOM Canada Correspondent

Danjuma with his mother.

Some may remember a report that was published in the May 2016 issue of VOMC’s publication about a young teen named Danjuma. The 13-year-old has endured horrific physical assaults for his Christian faith, resulting in the loss of his eyesight (one of his eyes had also been gauged out by Boko Haram militants), in addition to other serious injuries.

We are pleased to inform you that Danjuma has received a prosthetic eye, and is doing well. Our ministry partners, who are in contact with the young teen and his mother, relay this good report to all who’ve been praying for him: “He is always so upbeat and positive. All the people, including the medical community treating him, say what an encouragement and blessing he is to be around.”

We encourage our readers to continue praying for Danjuma and his family as they make important decisions regarding his future and ongoing education. His situation represents hundreds of other children from Christian families who are suffering the aftermath of similar attacks. These children and their families are in need of our prayers and support.

If you would like to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe, visit VOMC’s prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. 905-670-9721 Website:

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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“The persecuted church, ultimately, is not a church of victims!
If faithful to Scripture, they go forth in the power of God, believing
that suffering is not the worst thing that can happen to them.”
~ Glenn Penner

NIGERIA: Pastor’s Life Spared During Attack

Source: Morning Star News

The Rev. Hamza Alkali at the Federal Medical Centre.
Photo: Morning Star News

After being seriously injured in a recent attack, Pastor Hamza Alkali required surgery to have the rest of his severed hand and wrist amputated. Even despite the loss of his hand, the 66-year-old pastor is very grateful. “If God was not with me, the Fulani (herds)man could have succeeded in taking my life,” Pastor Hamza testifies. “I told the Fulani man that God — who created me in His image — will not give him the power to kill me.”

The church leader explained that when he first saw the herdsman coming onto his farmland, he thought the man was just passing through. So he continued working. Without further warning or greeting, the Fulani herdsman approached the pastor, asking him to hand over his mobile phone. When Pastor Hamza refused, the man attacked him with a sword, severing his hand. A struggle ensued, and the pastor was eventually able to wrestle the sword away from the assailant before further harm could be done.

Pastor Hamza acknowledges that since Jesus Christ was persecuted, Christians must endure hardship and face any persecution head-on: “Every Christian that is passing through persecution should stand firm, as God will not abandon such a person. Our persecutors should know that one day they will stand before God to (give an) account for what they have done here on earth. So what they should do is come closer to God…repent and leave the evil ways they are following.”

We are grateful that God has given this pastor an opportunity to share the Gospel with the Fulani herdsman who instigated the attack. May the words of truth that were spoken to the perpetrator penetrate the hardness of the man’s heart, bringing needed conviction of sin which will hopefully lead to repentance and salvation. Pray also for this dear pastor as he now recovers from the ordeal and adapts to daily life without the use of his hand. May the Lord minister in special ways to this brave spiritual leader by enabling him to continue his greatly needed ministry work in Nigeria.

EGYPT: Muslim Neighbours Help Extinguish Church Fire

Sources: Barnabas Aid, Morning Star News

A fire-damaged Egyptian church, one of
many attacked by Muslim militants.
Photo: Barnabas Aid

In the early hours of July 16th, flames and smoke engulfed the only church building in the Egyptian village of Al-Madamoud, which is located east of Luxor. Before firefighters arrived, in a spirit of cooperation not typically witnessed in Egypt (where many churches have been destroyed by militants), Muslim and Christian villagers worked together to extinguish the blaze.

Despite their efforts, the whole interior of the building was destroyed. The next morning, Safwat Samaan, the director of the human rights group Nation Without Borders, was able to visit the scene. Members of the congregation crowded into the blackened shell of the building with great sadness over the devastation. “It broke my heart to see old men, eyes full of tears, and women wailing,” he reports.

Members of the congregation are now concerned that local authorities will claim the fire was merely accidental, which has been the case of so many other church building fires. This was the ruling involving a church within Luxor that caught fire on April 20th under mysterious circumstances.

Authorities claimed that the Luxor fire was the result of either unattended candles or a short in a wire — even though there was no evidence of candles, and a church attendant had turned off the main electrical line to the building. Similarities between the fires of the burned churches indicate the possibility that a serial arsonist may be targeting churches in the Luxor area.

As the congregants of these destroyed churches now deal with the devastating loss of their cherished places of worship, pray that God’s comfort, peace, strength and grace…will be tangibly experienced in their lives. May their heavy hearts be uplifted over the fact that they can worship Jesus anywhere, and not even the loss of their buildings can stop them. As the Lord directs them with the rebuilding of their churches, pray that He will also build up their faith — so that their mission in reaching others of the community will be strong and effective. This includes their ministry to the individual(s) who may be responsible for the fires.


MIDDLE EAST: Thousands of Children Tune to Christian TV

Source: Sat7

A United Kingdom-based charity, known as Sat7, which focusses on broadcasting the Gospel in Arabic to the Middle East and North Africa through an engaging television series, has reported that over nine million children are tuning to the SAT-7 KIDS programming. The television program is imparting truths, positive values and education to children in a fun and engaging way while making it possible for them to learn within the safety of their own home environment. It is invaluable to parents who are seeking a trustworthy source of Christ-centred entertainment and education within their homes.

The executive director of SAT-7 KIDS says of the report findings: “It is very encouraging, but it really is the hand of God. Our KIDS team is so terribly small and we are working with a very small budget.” Additionally, the channel’s programming manager adds: “They say that with a million people, you can change a country. With nine million, you can change a whole region.”

In spite of the challenges, SAT-7 KIDS is always seeking to take the programming one step further by improving its interaction with viewers. There are two live weekly programs that currently elicit a lot of direct responses from the audience because viewers can call in and talk to the hosts.

Last December, a fresh interactive website launched for SAT-7 KIDS. The channel’s presence on Facebook and YouTube also lets viewers comment on shows. Overall, the number of responses has quadrupled in the past three years.

One Iraqi girl states: “Please pray that I will keep Christ in my heart and never leave Him for any reason. This request is not only for me but it is also for you and for everyone on this earth….” The mother of another child in Iraq also appreciates the ministry: “My daughter is six years old. She is always watching these programs. Please send us more Bible stories.”

We invite you to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe by visiting our prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. 905-670-9721 Website:

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TRUNEWS 08/03/16 Walid Shoebat | The ‘Khan’ Game Exposed

What is the real story behind Khizr Khan and his Pro-Islam attack on Donald Trump? On today’s TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles talks with Walid Shoebat, as the the connections between the so-called ‘Gold Star’ father, The Muslim Brotherhood and their ‘Pedophile Prophet’ are laid bare. In Part 2, Rick speaks with Edward Szall, who is on assignment in Jacksonville, Florida at a Trump event.

Listen Now

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“Justice” in Pakistan: Asia Bibi

“I believe in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind?” — Asia Bibi, the words for which she is on death row, for “blasphemy.”

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For all practical purposes I’m shutting down the Black Kettle as a news oriented site. If folks don’t know what’s going on and how we arrived in this wretched state in the west then I cannot imagine what it would take to wake you up; certainly this site won’t. From now on I will post a more Christian focused content. Our times are perilous.


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TRUNEWS 08/02/16 Rick Wiles | Enemy of the State

Do the political establishment see Donald Trump’s unorthodox presidential run as a threat to their one party system? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles slams the renegade Republicans and deceiver Democrats allying to undermine the GOP nominee. Rick also provides an update on Incirlik Air Base and Fort Campbell, as the terrorists release a new ISIS kill list with the names of US soldiers.


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Panic Mode: Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration

Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that Democrats and their allies media wide have been using to hammer GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, has deleted his law firm’s website from the Internet.

This development is significant, as his website proved—as Breitbart News and others have reported—that he financially benefits from unfettered pay-to-play Muslim migration into America.

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TRUNEWS 08/01/16 Rick Wiles | Incirlik Surrounded, Islam Rising

Did you hear Incirlik Air Base was surrounded by Turkish military forces this weekend? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles breaks down the shocking state of disarray Obama has taken our military, as combat bases across America have been placed on red alert. Rick also addresses the continuing rise of Islam, as Europe is brought to their knees by politically correct paralysis and mentally ill leadership.


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The Barley Harvest: God’s Sign For the End Times with Larry Spargimino and Dan Goodwin

This book takes you on a journey to Israel to discover the mystery of the barley harvest. You will learn about the seven feasts which are God’s prophetic calendar. You will learn that these seven feasts take place in a seven month period, and are intertwined around the three main harvests in Israel. You will be amazed to learn that the barley harvest is what determines the timing of all the seven feast! The barley is a type of Israel and is in fact God’s reset button to the final end-time events of the age. This book opens up a whole new perspective on the timing of the seven feasts as well as the timing of prophetic events getting ready to unfold. This book reveals some powerful mysterys that most prophecy experts have missed. You will discover that barley is a type of Israel. You will see a powerful prophetic lesson from the feeding of the 5000 that you never saw before. You will learn why the cake of barley was a type of Israel. Great teaching on the seven feasts, the Jubilee, the Kinsman Redeemer, and more. See why the author believes the Old Testament clock stopped with Stephen in Acts

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Who is Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen US soldier?

He’s looking increasingly like a plant to me – a Muslim Cindy Sheehan playing on people’s sympathies to foster a Democratic Party political agenda.

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The Gospel In Your Blood – Part 3

Watchman Broadcast 7-31-16 This final part of our series focuses on the amazing similarities between Christ’s death on the Cross, the atonement for sins, and the role white blood cells play in our bodies. Also, the function of platelets as the “repairer of the breach”!

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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“(The Lord) tends to His flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in His arms
and carries them close to His heart;
He gently leads those who have young.”
~ Isaiah 40:11 NIV

UGANDA: Baby Poisoned During Ramadan Fast

Sources: Release International, Morning Star News

Nubu Kiiza and her husband Suleiman have
been arrested for a crime against an infant.
Photo: Morning Star News

When a young 24-year-old mother by the name of Angel Nabirye decided to eat during the daytime fast of Ramadan, her mother-in-law was incensed with anger. Angel, who was breast-feeding her infant daughter at the time, thought it was important that she obtain proper nourishment so her unwell baby girl could gain needed strength. According to the practices of Islam, non-Muslims are not required to observe Ramadan. In addition, those struggling with illness, pregnant women, and breast-feeding mothers are excused from participating.

On the morning of June 17th, Angel was visited by her mother-in-law Nubu Kiiza who brought some herbs for the baby. “After three hours, the condition of the baby worsened,” Angel testifies. “I rushed her to Iganga Hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival at 4 p.m.” A doctor immediately took several tests, proving that the infant had been poisoned.

Upon news of the passing, Angel’s husband, Ayubu Meddie Kamwa, sent relatives to the hospital to retrieve the child’s body. They wanted an immediate burial performed, in accordance with Islamic custom. However, Angel thought her relatives should be present for the ceremony. By this time, her husband and mother-in-law were so furious that they, along with other relatives, began berating the distraught young mother and calling her an “infidel” and “pagan.”

When Angel’s mother and siblings, all professing Christians, arrived later that night, her in-laws served tea laced with chloroform which put them in a state of unconsciousness. When they awoke the next morning, Angel’s sister discovered that the baby’s body was missing, and a frantic search ensued. By this time, further verbal and physical assaults took place against Angel and her family. Fortunately, neighbours were able to intervene and stop the attack.

Officers from Nakabugu police station soon arrived at the scene, arresting Angel’s husband Ayubu, his parents, and an imam named Alamzan Waiswa, for questioning by Luuka District authorities. Police and neighbours have searched without success for the infant’s body.

Thank you for upholding this young mother, Angel, as well as her family, as they grieve over the loss of their precious baby girl. May God greatly comfort their broken hearts, consoling them with the fact that this child is now experiencing His loving care in heaven where they will all be joyfully reunited. Also, considering her husband’s recent arrest, please intercede for Angel’s troubled marriage, asking the Lord to work in the situation to bring about repentance, salvation, healing and restoration. Continue to pray for the church in areas of eastern Uganda where Christians are under mounting pressure due to persecution.

PAKISTAN: Father of Rape Victim Yearns for Justice

Source: World Watch Monitor

Sonia’s house at the end of the yard.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

The father of a 16-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped by a neighbour, believes his daughter has little hope of obtaining justice because the accused is well-connected politically in the local area. Nasar Masih is concerned that the police will ultimately favour the suspect who raped his teenage daughter in expectation of immunity from prosecution due to “some support from his family and political leadership of the area.”

On July 7th, Sonia, the victimized 16-year-old Christian girl, was returning to her home in Sheikhupura, Punjab, when she was unexpectedly confronted by Muhammad Iqrar, aged 23. As the two families share a yard, Sonia had to pass Muhammad’s front door in order to get to her house.

Sonia’s father heard her cries and rushed to help. “I was home when the incident took place,” Nasar explains. “Sonia tried to set herself free — and shouted for help — but we failed to hear her as the doors were closed. However, as we eventually heard her cries, we rushed and stormed into Muhammad’s house. Seeing us, Muhammad fled from the scene, leaving Sonia in a critical situation.”

The First Information Report (a witness statement given by the accuser) was registered at the Saddar police station in Farooqabad. “I don’t have much hope for justice,” Nasar admits. “Even forensic reports can be interfered with. And if Muhammad isn’t jailed, he will be free to harass us as their house is so near to ours.” In the meantime, the concerned father has requested that the accused and his family use a different entrance to their home.

Investigating Officer Malik reports: “We do not value Muhammad’s claim. The medical report has confirmed that (Sonia) was raped. We have requested the mobile phone company to provide Muhammad’s call data, which will be submitted in the court.” Thankfully, there has been local support for the victimized girl and her family. To learn more about persecution in Pakistan, click here.

Please join us in praying for Sonia and her family, asking the Lord to render justice in what is often considered an unjust part of the world (Psalm 140:12). In addition to providing them protection from threats or further harm, may the ongoing ministry of His Holy Spirit bring physical and psychological healing to Sonia. We can thank the Lord for the support this family has received from those of their local community, and for granting them the strength they need while pursuing justice in this case. In the process, may the young man who violated Sonia realize his own need of Christ who has willingly paid the price for the sins of a lost and broken humanity.


KENYA: Agricultural Projects Sustain Christians


Persecuted Christians are developing
farming projects in support of ministry.

House churches in western Kenya have begun more than 30 farming projects to provide economic and discipleship opportunities to believers persecuted by the Somalia-based terrorist group al-Shabab. Funds from the harvests of these projects are sustaining the church communities, while also making it possible for them to install irrigation systems and further invest in ministry work.

Church leaders are excited over the opportunity to use farming as a discipleship tool and demonstrate how the Gospel can transform all aspects of an individual’s life. Please pray for the continued development of these agricultural projects. May God’s blessings be upon the believers involved as they learn more about agriculture and, through this practical means, also build meaningful relationships with others of their communities.

If you would like to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe, visit VOMC’s prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. 905-670-9721 Website: www.vomcanada.comSign up now to receive our free monthly publication.
You may also opt to receive inspiring teaching messages by email.
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Pastor Mike Online 7-28-16

Who is Adam Kadmon? The teachings of the Kabbalah, our concept of angels vs the Bible description of them, do spiritual beings have seed (DNA)? and Much More

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Christ, His Spirit, and His Word

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Tommy Robinson: The ‘Religion of Peace’

Tommy Robinson – the most “hated” or bravest man in Britain, discusses the beheading of a French priest in Normandy, as well as the “religion of peace” and how Europe is being culturally enriched by millions of Muslim migrants.

He predicts a “revolution” is coming as a result of this massive upheaval.

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Gregory Mannarino-We Are Existing in Fantasy Land

The WikiLeaks email dump that showed the Primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton. Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “I think if these people thought about it, they would realize they have been made puppets here. It’s unfortunate, too, because this is just going to blow away just like everything else. This is the state of affairs that we are in right now. Nothing is real. The politics aren’t real. The markets aren’t real. We are existing in fantasy land. All of this, every single aspect of it is going to correct at one point. Whether it is a distortion in politics, whether it’s distortions in this market, no matter what it is, at one point, there is going to be a return to the norm or to the mean. We are so far away from that right now in every single thing you want to look at. It’s not just in the markets. It’s everything connected to everything else. . . . We are in the collapse or the correction to fair value. Everything now we are seeing, strife around the world, strife right here in the United States with people uprising, it’s all part of the mechanism that is playing out right now. It is just a matter of time where there is going to be a rapid fix back to the norm.”

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TRUNEWS 07/26/16 Jim Willie | Bankruptcy of The West

Will the Bernie Sanders revolutionaries be successful in shaking Hillary Clinton’s hold on the Democratic nomination? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles discusses the DNC and the barbarous execution of a French priest by Muslim jihadists. In part 2, Rick is joined by economic analyst Jim Willie.


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Pastor Mike Online 7-26-16

Biotechnology transforming humans into hybrids, Islamic terror on the rise, more amazing patterns in the King James Bible related to the rapture, and much more!

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Department of Homeland Security Targeting the Wrong Enemy

The federal government has spent the last 8 years pretending that “rightwing extremists” are more numerous and dangerous than the careful and intelligent jihadist attackers, whom it insists are just “madmen” or “troubled individuals.”

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TRUNEWS 07/25/16 Rick Wiles | Chaos at The DNC

How will the Democratic Party elite spin the virulent grass-roots uprising against Hillary Rodham Clinton? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will discuss the chaos at the DNC, as Bernie Sanders’ communists revolt against the ruling establishment.


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The Brave Muslim Supporters of Israel

The Brave Muslim Supporters of Israel

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Facebook Calls WikiLeaks Block ‘An Accident’ After Accusations Of Censorship

Facebook Calls WikiLeaks Block ‘An Accident’ After Accusations Of Censorship

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Clinton Cash – Official Movie Premiere

Clinton Cash – Official Movie Premiere

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Terror in Germany: The Truth They Hide

Imagine if right-wing extremist neo-nazi skinheads had spent the last 8 months carrying out the same amount of terror that Islamists are responsible for.

Do you think the media would try to hide the hateful ideology behind it?

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Valerie Jarrett: How Much Control Does She Have Over Obama and Clinton?

The Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, is a woman named Valerie Jarrett. She is one of the President’s closest confidantes, and has been called his “right-hand woman”. She is also an Iranian born person of Muslim faith, two facts that by themselves are noteworthy but otherwise no great offenses. However, the complete picture of Valerie Jarrett becomes of great concern, and even alarm, when certain key facts about her are taken into account.

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Caught on Tape: How Democrat Party and Hillary will use ‘Bait and Switch’ for Total Gun Control

An undercover video by Project Veritas with a PVA journalist encountering a Hillary Clinton Alternate Delegate who discusses how the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton hide the fact that they want to ban all guns and how they will do it.

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Germany: Muslim bomber carried powerful explosives, authorities say no evidence of “extremism”

“So far, the investigation has found no evidence of an attempted political assassination or extremism…” As if a Muslim carrying out a jihad/martyrdom suicide bombing in a wine bar weren’t evidence enough of “extremism.” Have German authorities determined yet whether or not the invasion of Normandy was a sign of anti-Nazi sentiment?

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Media shielding Islam from connection to terror

If the Left (media) wish to ameliorate the heinous crimes of the Islamists by describing these crimes as being the consequence of “mental illness” not the barbarous ideology of Islam then logically the same argument can be used to excuse the crimes of Hitler and his henchmen.

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‘Mere Islam’ and the Munich Massacre

While the media concoct any number of lies to dispel the Islamic nature of the Munich attack—the usual strategies, especially talk of “grievances,” are already being employed —the fact remains: for all the differences and tensions between Europe’s native and Muslim populations, the Christians being persecuted by Muslims are often identical to their persecutors in race, ethnicity, national identity, culture, and language. There is no political dispute, no land dispute. Nor do these disempowered and ostracized Christian minorities have any political power—meaning there are no Muslim “grievances” either.

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Nigel Farage: I’m Not Leaving The Movement

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Syrian Refugee Machete Attack in Germany | True News


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The Gospel in Your Blood – Part 2

This program examines the amazing way God designed our red blood cells, what their purpose is, and how God reveals the New Testament and the Gospel in our blood.

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When It Comes to Islam, Western Leaders Are Liars or Idiots

In short, there’s no excuse today for anyone to still be ignorant about Islam, and especially for those in positions of leadership or authority. Yet it is precisely this group that most vehemently denies any connection between Islam and violence.


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The Rise of the Moral Narcissists

The primary goal of moral narcissism is not “to do” good, but rather “to feel” good about oneself for having “the right opinion” – i.e. opinions promulgated by those who deem themselves superior by virtue of their “enlightened” views. These moral mandarins consist primarily of left-wing politicians, leftist academicians, the mainstream media, and almost all the entertainment industry. As with Seinfeld’s Elaine, it isn’t how one lives one’s life that counts; it’s the political and moral slogans one mouths. Indeed, the moral stature gained from being politically au courant serves as absolution for what used to count as personal moral failings – an arena where non-judgmentalism is demanded by political correctness, at least with respect to ideological soul mates.

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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“It has become a settled principle that nothing which is good and
true can be destroyed by persecution, but that the effect ultimately
is to establish more firmly, and to spread more widely, that which it
was designed to overthrow. It has long since passed into a proverb
that ‘the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.'”

~ Albert Barnes

SUDAN: Arrests for Protesting Illegal Seizure

Sources: Middle East Concern, Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Fourteen members and leaders of the Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church were detained on July 7th for peacefully demonstrating against the illegal seizure of the church’s training school. The property had been sold by a government-appointed “committee” not recognized by the church; a transaction of sale that was even ruled illegal by the Administrative Court.

Police initially arrested 11 people who were released after intervention from the church’s lawyer. However, when they returned to the church compound and continued with their objection regarding the illegal takeover, the police returned — this time detaining 17 people in total. Three of the detained, after proving to be members of the government-appointed “committee,” were released shortly afterwards. And although the prosecutor ordered the release (pending trial) of the remaining 14 detainees, the police refused to comply.

On July 10th, all 14 of the detained church members were charged before the Bahri Criminal Court. The court sentenced 13 of them to a fine of 300 Sudanese pounds (approximately $65 Canadian) for obstructing police, and the other member to a fine of 500 Sudanese pounds (about $107) for obstructing police and disturbing the peace. They were released after paying the required fines.

However, five of these Christians were also released pending trial, as they will be charged for a breach of signed commitment. During the first round of arrests on July 7th, they signed a statement stating they would not “disturb the peace” again. They were then re-arrested in the second round of arrests and accused of violating the conditions of their earlier release. No date has been set for their trial. To learn more about the challenges believers face in Sudan, review our country report.

Please join us in praying for these Christians in Sudan who have been charged for protesting against the illegal sale of the church premises. May they handle this difficult situation wisely and in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord. Pray that the five church members involved in the upcoming trial will place their trust wholeheartedly in God, relying on His promise to work all things together for good to those who love Him… including this seemingly unjust takeover of property. May He encourage this congregation of believers through His infallible Word, granting them strength in the process and favour with the judicial leaders of the court. Ask the Lord to use this case as a strong witness for the Gospel in Sudan and beyond.

NIGERIA: Martyrs Survived by Grieving Families

Source: World Watch Monitor

Eunice Elisha, one of the workers martyred
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Two church workers in Nigeria have recently been killed by militants in separate incidents. Eunice Elisha was murdered in the early hours of July 9th near Nigeria’s capital of Abuja. The 42-year-old mother of seven had gone out to preach as usual, her husband Pastor Olawale told local media.

Eunice is described by her surviving husband as a zealous Christian who “rarely missed a day in church.” When asked how he felt about the attack, Olawale replied: “I see (Eunice) as a martyr who died for Christ. Whether the people are caught or not, they should be forgiven.” Police have since arrested six suspects, and will be continuing with their investigation.

Eunice’s case represents only one of several attacks targeting Christians in recent weeks. Reverend Joseph Kura, a pastor of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Obi town (located within Nigeria’s central State of Nasarawa), was killed on June 30th by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen.

Rev. Joseph was accompanied by three other people when he went to his farm at about 7 p.m. to cut down trees for roofing wood. As the group arrived at the farm, two armed men suddenly appeared from behind them. Rev. Joseph’s severely mutilated body was later recovered from the scene. He leaves behind a wife and seven children. Additional reports on persecution in Nigeria, along with informative video documentaries, are available here.

May the families and friends of these ‘good and faithful servants’ be greatly comforted with God’s promises of everlasting life: 1) the assurance that their loved ones have gone on to receive their eternal rewards, and 2) the anticipated hope of one day being reunited with them in the presence of our Lord Himself. In the meantime, pray that their grieving hearts will be sustained by the loving and cherished memories they’ve shared over the years and, most important of all, through the empowerment, love and peace of God through a relationship with our Risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. Intercede for the perpetrators that they may also come to personally know Him and His saving grace.


SIERRA LEONE: Digital Media Broadcasts “Good News”

Evangelists in Sierra Leone are using digital media players to share the “Good News” of the Gospel with Muslims and other unreached people within the country. Because of illiteracy and poverty, many of them cannot access God’s Word in their own language.

With the use of high-quality speakers, the digital players enable evangelists to share Scripture, sermons and other Christian materials with as many as 300 people at a time. Please pray for the evangelists as they reach out to those who have never before heard God’s Word, and for His blessings to be upon all the recipients.

We invite you to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe by visiting VOMC’s prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. 905-670-9721 Website:

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TRUNEWS 07/22/16 Rick Wiles | Conservatism is Not Christianity – See more at:

How will Hillary Clinton — and her communist friends — fare against the Law and Order Candidate? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will discuss Donald Trump’s RNC speech, the schism between conservatism and Christianity, and the Right’s leaning toward homosexuality.



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The coming winter: Dropping temperatures and economic freeze

The climate alarmists have been in denial mode regarding the models’ failure. Instead of admitting the truth, they propagate hysteria among the masses, including the emotional myth of melting ice triggering a housing crisis for polar bears in the Arctic.

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Who did try to knife RAF man?

My hunch, however, is that on the evidence available there is a remote possibility that the incident might be — how can I put it? — terrorism-related, though obviously nothing to do with Islam, perish the thought, peace be upon him etc.

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TRUNEWS 07/21/16 Mark Taylor, Patrick O’Connell | Anarchy Rising

With the Summer of Rage in full swing, are the agents of anarchy bearing their jagged teeth? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will discuss drama at the RNC, Black Panthers indoctrinating kids, and evangelist Patrick O’Connell’s take on Infowars demonizing street preaching. In part 2, Rick is joined by the Trump firefighter prophet Mark Taylor to share his latest words from the Lord.


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Muslims force California school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history

Just like Muslims forced Hindus and Sikhs to convert to Islam in their homelands – or face death, supremacist Muslim groups and their abettors in the U.S. forced the California Board of Education to wipe their curriculum clean of forced conversions to Islam. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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‘The most DESTRUCTIVE and IDIOTIC statement on foreign policy in my lifetime! – Ralph Peters

Ralph Peters brought on the heat and slapped down the Donald for the most “destructive and idiotic statement on foreign policy” by a presidential candidate in his lifetime.


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