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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“This is the prayer we need to pray for ourselves and for one another:
‘Lord, open our eyes that we may see.’ For the world all around us…is full
of God’s horses and chariots, waiting to carry us to places of glorious
victory. And when our eyes are thus opened, we shall see in all events of life,
whether great or small, whether joyful or sad, a chariot for our souls.”
~ Lottie Cowman referencing 2 Kings 6:17

INDIA: Christian Family Brutally Beaten

Source: International Christian Concern

A 60-year-old Christian man died from injuries experienced during an attack, allegedly by Hindu radicals, in the Bastar District of India’s Chhattisgarh State. According to local believers, four members of the family, including a pregnant woman, were brutally beaten because they refused to denounce their Christian faith.

The attack took place on October 8th in Kuther village. According to locals, the perpetrators broke into the home of Sularam Kashyap and his pregnant wife, Sudri, severely beating the Christian couple along with Sularam’s parents. As a result of the attack, all four Christians were hospitalized at the Government District Hospital of Jagdalpur.

While in the hospital, the Christian family was visited by an aid worker who attempted to record the family’s testimony. This reportedly upset police from the Lahundiguda Police Station, who ordered the injured family to leave the hospital on October 15th. Because of the severity of his injuries and the lack of proper medical treatment, Sularam’s 60-year-old father, Sukru Kashyap, died at home on October 31st.

In June 2014, more than 50 villages within the Bastar District, including Kuther village, passed resolutions effectively banning the practice of non-Hindu faiths. Though these resolutions were later ruled unconstitutional by the Chhattisgarh High Court, Hindu radicals have used them to justify assaults, threats and social boycotts against Christians living in the district.

As a part of the social boycott against Christians, local Hindus blocked Sularam from burying his father in the Kuther village graveyard. Thankfully, Sularam was able to perform the burial there the next day but only after police intervention.

Ask the Lord to minister to this distraught family by healing them of their injuries, strengthening their faith and comforting them in their grief. Thank Him for the faithfulness of their Christian community; praying that they will continue to stand firm and utilize every opportunity to share the Gospel. Intercede for those currently opposing His people, asking God to remove the hatred from their hearts and bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ.

CHINA: Christian Magazine Editor Under Investigation


The Chinese government has shut down a quarterly Christian magazine that encourages the faith of up to 100,000 believers and provides information on recent incidents of persecution. The underground magazine, Ai Yan (which translates as Love Feast), benefits thousands of urban underground churches, as well as rural house churches.

Recently, police have closed the factory that prints Ai Yan and arrested the owner. The editor, who is also under police investigation, subsequently decided to temporarily suspend the publishing of Ai Yan. She is hoping to begin printing a second magazine titled, Show the Way.

Thank you for upholding the arrested printer, asking God to mediate on behalf of this case. Pray also that the editor, who is presently under investigation, will find a way to print the second magazine, “Show the Way,” while “Ai Yan” is suspended. May the printing and distribution of Christian publications in China resume without government interference so unity can be promoted among the country’s numerous believers and encouragement provided for their ongoing spiritual growth.


IRAQ: The Cross Returns to the Nineveh Plain

Source: World Watch Monitor

Another newly erected cross was placed
on the roof of a church in Qaraqosh.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

There were tears, praying and singing as the cross — deemed illegal by ISIS — returned to the Christian villages in Iraq’s Nineveh Plain. News continues to emerge of villages being reclaimed from ISIS, and signs of the terrorists’ previously committed destruction become apparent.

As soon as it was remotely safe, priests were escorted back to their villages by car. In Christian villages like Karamles and Qaraqosh — half an hour’s drive east of Mosul — they were among the first non-combatants to return to villages liberated from ISIS occupation.

Father Thabet, who lives with his congregation within a complex for internally displaced people in Erbil, brought a cross about the size of a man with him when he returned to his home village of Karamles.

“I am so happy I can do this. I’m smiling from cheek to cheek, and I weep tears of joy at the same time. This is the trip I have been praying for…two years now,” he said. The Christian leader climbed Barbara Hill, next to his village, and planted a cross covered with flowers firmly into the ground in an area overlooking Karamles.

ISIS conquered the Nineveh Plain — including Iraq’s second city of Mosul and many Christian villages surrounding it — in 2014. Tens of thousands of Christian families had to run for their lives. The battle for Mosul is still being fought, but large Christian settlements surrounding Mosul, like Karamles and Qaraqosh, are thankfully already liberated. It is expected that it will take some time before families can start returning to their villages close to Mosul. Most of them will wait for Mosul itself to be liberated and for ISIS to be driven out completely.

Praise God for this opportunity, making it possible for these followers of Christ to return home. Continue to pray for the protection of the country’s civilians as ISIS becomes more desperate. Ask that the city of Mosul and all surrounding villages will soon be liberated and made safe so that many more people will have the opportunity to return home and rebuild their communities. May the name of Jesus be proclaimed all over Iraq so that His church will not only recover from the aftermath of severe persecution but may also flourish, grow strong, and become firmly united together in Him.

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