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“I’m a firm believer in the mega-importance of keeping
a full arsenal of Scripture loaded and ready for battle. God’s
Word is our sword — our biggest and best weapon. We never
know when or where the enemy will ambush us, and we won’t
always have our Bible, our pastor or our trusty notes handy.
Our sword must be mobile, sharp and handy at all times.”
~ D. Coty

PAKISTAN: Swift Response Saves Community from Bomb Attack

Source: Morning Star News

The main gate to the Warsak Dam Christian Colony.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Christians in northwest Pakistan narrowly escaped with their lives after security forces foiled a suicide bomb plot against them. Security guard Samuel Masih opened his community’s main gate to four Taliban bombers — and died in a hail of bullets. Two other guards were injured, as were two soldiers and a policeman.

However, the swift response of Samuel’s colleagues meant that a greater tragedy was averted. One of the suicide bombers was killed after igniting his bomb, but thankfully there were no other casualties as a result of the blast. Security officials intervened by killing the three other suicide bombers.

The 30 Christian families residing within the gated community near Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province were unharmed. The Pakistani Taliban reported that the bombers carried out this attack on Friday, September 2nd. The same extremist group involved in this attack claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday suicide bomb attack that took place in Lahore on March 27th of this year — resulting in more than 70 killed and numerous others injured. Information on the Lahore bombing incident can be reviewed here.

Pray that God will comfort and provide for Samuel’s widow, Razia, and their five children. Ask the Lord to heal Samuel’s colleagues who were injured in this recent attack, offering praise that the lives of those residing within the gated community were spared. Also continue to uphold the families still experiencing the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attack in Lahore. May all our brothers and sisters throughout Pakistan receive the assurance that they are not forgotten by their global Christian family. May God strengthen their faith — and our solidarity with them.

IRAN: Update on Christian Convert Seeking Asylum

Source: Stundin (Icelandic news outlet)

As mentioned in a previous report, Morteza Songolzadeh, an Iranian Christian who could face execution if he returns to Iran, has been living in Iceland in hopes of obtaining asylum. According to European Union law, he may soon be sent to France (the country to which he initially fled), then from there to Iran, unless immediate intervention takes place. (The previous report is available at this page.)

Morteza’s lawyer, Eva Dóra Kolbrúndóttir, explains why it’s possible Morteza will be sent back to Iran: “Unfortunately…as the European countries have been issuing the declaration, they will only grant asylum to those who come from war-torn countries such as Syria. Asylum seekers and other refugees will be sent back, and we have seen it happen.”

Morteza has supporters in Iceland, including Agnes Sigurðardóttir, a Lutheran bishop who wrote a letter to the minister of the interior on his behalf. Although the jeopardized believer has repeatedly requested that his case be re-examined, his requests have been rejected. However, he has not given up hope: “Now I feel good in Iceland. I am used to it. I do my best to learn Icelandic, and I think I can become a good citizen here in the future.”

Please uphold Morteza and his lawyer as they continue in their attempts for his asylum. Pray that the authorities involved in this case — whether in Iceland, France or Iran — will extend mercy towards him, so he will not be penalized for converting to Christianity. In the ensuing days, as Morteza awaits the court’s decision, may God’s presence continue to bring him needed peace and assurance. Throughout the mediation process, may Morteza also receive opportunities to testify of Christ.


ALGERIA: Court Reduces Length of Prison Term

Source: Middle East Concern

Slimane Bouhafs
Photo: World Watch Monitor

We have received some encouraging news regarding our Algerian brother, Slimane Bouhafs, whose case was featured in a previous Persecution & Prayer Alert report. Slimane’s original five-year jail sentence was recently reduced to three years in a verdict announced on September 6th. However, as the appeal court has still upheld his conviction for “blasphemy,” he would very much appreciate our continued prayers.

Slimane was arrested after posting a Facebook comment about Jesus overcoming “the darkness of Islam.” (More details on his case may be found here.) His legal team are now planning to appeal to the supreme court. Pray that Slimane and his family, as well as his church, will experience God’s peace and compassion in new ways during the appeal process.

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