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Warren Pollock-US Twilight Zone of Pre-Collapse Just like Rome

Financial and geopolitical analyst Warren Pollock says, “Where we are is more important than where we will be because right now, we are in sort of a Twilight Zone of transition between stability and instability. I think this is a dangerous time, and for some, it will be more dangerous than the actual collapse. . . . The question being asked is ‘when is the collapse going to happen?’ We are in a worse period. It’s a pre-collapse period. This is what happened before WWII. This is what happened before Rome fell. It was a period in time where things worked sort of, a sort of function and a sort of dysfunction. There has always been racketeering in our economy and in our society. It’s human nature, but here’s the difference. In a society that’s functioning, the society can survive with some percentage of racketeering. Right now, racketeering is so pervasive you cannot do the things in society for that society to function.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst Warren Pollock.


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