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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“(The Lord) tends to His flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in His arms
and carries them close to His heart;
He gently leads those who have young.”
~ Isaiah 40:11 NIV

UGANDA: Baby Poisoned During Ramadan Fast

Sources: Release International, Morning Star News

Nubu Kiiza and her husband Suleiman have
been arrested for a crime against an infant.
Photo: Morning Star News

When a young 24-year-old mother by the name of Angel Nabirye decided to eat during the daytime fast of Ramadan, her mother-in-law was incensed with anger. Angel, who was breast-feeding her infant daughter at the time, thought it was important that she obtain proper nourishment so her unwell baby girl could gain needed strength. According to the practices of Islam, non-Muslims are not required to observe Ramadan. In addition, those struggling with illness, pregnant women, and breast-feeding mothers are excused from participating.

On the morning of June 17th, Angel was visited by her mother-in-law Nubu Kiiza who brought some herbs for the baby. “After three hours, the condition of the baby worsened,” Angel testifies. “I rushed her to Iganga Hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival at 4 p.m.” A doctor immediately took several tests, proving that the infant had been poisoned.

Upon news of the passing, Angel’s husband, Ayubu Meddie Kamwa, sent relatives to the hospital to retrieve the child’s body. They wanted an immediate burial performed, in accordance with Islamic custom. However, Angel thought her relatives should be present for the ceremony. By this time, her husband and mother-in-law were so furious that they, along with other relatives, began berating the distraught young mother and calling her an “infidel” and “pagan.”

When Angel’s mother and siblings, all professing Christians, arrived later that night, her in-laws served tea laced with chloroform which put them in a state of unconsciousness. When they awoke the next morning, Angel’s sister discovered that the baby’s body was missing, and a frantic search ensued. By this time, further verbal and physical assaults took place against Angel and her family. Fortunately, neighbours were able to intervene and stop the attack.

Officers from Nakabugu police station soon arrived at the scene, arresting Angel’s husband Ayubu, his parents, and an imam named Alamzan Waiswa, for questioning by Luuka District authorities. Police and neighbours have searched without success for the infant’s body.

Thank you for upholding this young mother, Angel, as well as her family, as they grieve over the loss of their precious baby girl. May God greatly comfort their broken hearts, consoling them with the fact that this child is now experiencing His loving care in heaven where they will all be joyfully reunited. Also, considering her husband’s recent arrest, please intercede for Angel’s troubled marriage, asking the Lord to work in the situation to bring about repentance, salvation, healing and restoration. Continue to pray for the church in areas of eastern Uganda where Christians are under mounting pressure due to persecution.

PAKISTAN: Father of Rape Victim Yearns for Justice

Source: World Watch Monitor

Sonia’s house at the end of the yard.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

The father of a 16-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped by a neighbour, believes his daughter has little hope of obtaining justice because the accused is well-connected politically in the local area. Nasar Masih is concerned that the police will ultimately favour the suspect who raped his teenage daughter in expectation of immunity from prosecution due to “some support from his family and political leadership of the area.”

On July 7th, Sonia, the victimized 16-year-old Christian girl, was returning to her home in Sheikhupura, Punjab, when she was unexpectedly confronted by Muhammad Iqrar, aged 23. As the two families share a yard, Sonia had to pass Muhammad’s front door in order to get to her house.

Sonia’s father heard her cries and rushed to help. “I was home when the incident took place,” Nasar explains. “Sonia tried to set herself free — and shouted for help — but we failed to hear her as the doors were closed. However, as we eventually heard her cries, we rushed and stormed into Muhammad’s house. Seeing us, Muhammad fled from the scene, leaving Sonia in a critical situation.”

The First Information Report (a witness statement given by the accuser) was registered at the Saddar police station in Farooqabad. “I don’t have much hope for justice,” Nasar admits. “Even forensic reports can be interfered with. And if Muhammad isn’t jailed, he will be free to harass us as their house is so near to ours.” In the meantime, the concerned father has requested that the accused and his family use a different entrance to their home.

Investigating Officer Malik reports: “We do not value Muhammad’s claim. The medical report has confirmed that (Sonia) was raped. We have requested the mobile phone company to provide Muhammad’s call data, which will be submitted in the court.” Thankfully, there has been local support for the victimized girl and her family. To learn more about persecution in Pakistan, click here.

Please join us in praying for Sonia and her family, asking the Lord to render justice in what is often considered an unjust part of the world (Psalm 140:12). In addition to providing them protection from threats or further harm, may the ongoing ministry of His Holy Spirit bring physical and psychological healing to Sonia. We can thank the Lord for the support this family has received from those of their local community, and for granting them the strength they need while pursuing justice in this case. In the process, may the young man who violated Sonia realize his own need of Christ who has willingly paid the price for the sins of a lost and broken humanity.


KENYA: Agricultural Projects Sustain Christians


Persecuted Christians are developing
farming projects in support of ministry.

House churches in western Kenya have begun more than 30 farming projects to provide economic and discipleship opportunities to believers persecuted by the Somalia-based terrorist group al-Shabab. Funds from the harvests of these projects are sustaining the church communities, while also making it possible for them to install irrigation systems and further invest in ministry work.

Church leaders are excited over the opportunity to use farming as a discipleship tool and demonstrate how the Gospel can transform all aspects of an individual’s life. Please pray for the continued development of these agricultural projects. May God’s blessings be upon the believers involved as they learn more about agriculture and, through this practical means, also build meaningful relationships with others of their communities.

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