Proverbs 21:30

With Malice Towards None…

Brexit, combined with various elections around the globe over the last three or so years, has sent a chill of terror up the necks of elites throughout the world. They long ago lost the power of rational argument and have relied on the power of sneers, ridicule and strong-arming to maintain their control. Upset that employment is stagnant? That’s the new normal, you stupid bigot. Worried that it keeps getting harder to stretch a dollar despite official assurances that the economy is purring along? It’s the new normal, you stupid bigot. Thinking we shouldn’t have imposed gay marriage without the people’s consent? Ignorant bigot. Think it’s wrong to force nuns to provide for abortions? Neanderthal bigot. Worried about aggressive, murderous Jihadists? Stinking bigot.


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