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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“Either our lives are counting for good and for God,
or they are making an impact for evil and the enemy. The way we
live, the things we say, the attitudes we entertain, the lifestyle we adopt,
are continuously producing either positive or negative results in
society. Our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, either count
for God or against God. There simply is no middle ground.”
~ Phillip Keller

UGANDA: Pastor Dies After Meal is Poisoned

Source: Morning Star News

Pastor Micah Byamukama of Kasecha village in eastern Uganda died after eating a meal laced with insecticide, and local authorities suspect that the person responsible for his death has fled the community.

On Sunday, May 15th, the 61-year-old pastor began to feel stomach pain after eating food brought by a man he believed was genuinely seeking to reconcile with him. The pastor was rushed to Kabweri Health Centre where he died at 9 p.m. A nurse who requested anonymity confirmed that the pastor had ingested an organophosphate insecticide.

Five days earlier, Pastor Micah, who was a widower without children, had sustained injuries from a knife attack carried out by a group of men. He survived the attack because neighbours responded to his cries for help. These neighbours believe that the person responsible for instigating the first attack is the same one who poisoned the pastor. The perpetrator is described as a local Muslim man who was angered by comments the pastor had made during a public discussion about faith.

At least six Christians in eastern Uganda have been killed or brutally attacked by militants already this year; others have received death threats.

Please pray for an end to these senseless attacks against the Christians of eastern Uganda. Uphold the pastors and evangelists who are endeavouring to reach people for Christ in regions where such needed ministry has the potential to stir up violent opposition. May believers throughout this country feel strengthened and encouraged as people around the world faithfully pray for them. And on behalf of Ugandans in need of salvation, pray that they will be receptive to the Good News of the Gospel.

ALGERIA: Second Church Ordered to Close

Source: Middle East Concern

A church in Algeria
Photo: Flickr / PhR610 (cc)

A church in Algeria has been ordered to close because district authorities claim its leaders are in breach of a 2006 law that regulates non-Muslim worship. It is the second time within the past two months that a church has been ordered to close.

Leaders of the church received a letter on April 24th citing that the use of a non-Muslim place of worship is subject to prior authorization by the National Commission for Non-Muslim Religious Groups. The letter also claims the church lease is not valid because the building, rented on behalf of the Protestant Church of Algeria, is registered as residential premises.

One month before receiving the letter, church leaders had informed local authorities that they intended to use this rented building as a place of worship. These leaders state that the order for the church’s forceful closure limits their ‘freedom of worship’ which is guaranteed in the Algerian constitution.

In addition, they are concerned that the 2006 decree restricts the religious freedom of non-Muslims and contradicts Algeria’s new constitution, as well as its commitments to religious freedom under international law. More information about this country is available here.

May the order to close the church be revoked so these believers will be able to meet together and freely worship the Lord. Pray that the church leaders involved in this case will sense the peace and guidance of the Holy Spirit as they work through the process of regaining the use of their building — seizing every divinely appointed opportunity to share their faith. Thankfully, the Lord is equipping His church for growth, even in difficult areas of the world such as Algeria. Intercede for the salvation of the Algerian people, that they may openly seek God and realize the importance of accepting His Son Jesus as their personal Saviour.


NEPAL: Christians Freed After False Accusations

Sources: The Gospel Truth newspaper,

The Christians were arrested for distributing
Bible literature to children.

Eight Christians, including two school principals, have been released from custody after being held for several days on accusations of distributing Bible literature to children. Police made the arrests on June 9th based on a 2015 amendment to the Nepalese constitution which states in part that no one shall “convert a person of one religion to another religion.”

Among those arrested were Prakash Pradhan, the principal of Mount Valley boarding school, and Bimal Shahi, the principal of Modern Nepal School. Others were members of Teach Nepal, a Christian organization. At the time of the arrests, the educators had completed an earthquake awareness program in various schools.

After an appeal was presented to Shakti Bahadur Basnet, the Minister for Home Affairs, by the Federation of National Christian Nepal, those who had been arrested were thankfully released. Additional reports can be found here.

While we can offer praise to the Lord for the release of these educators from custody, please pray that the Nepalese authorities will allow Christians freedom of expression. Also lift up in prayer the other believers of this country who are suffering persecution and imprisonment for their faith, asking the Lord to reassure them of His unfailing presence and to help them in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). May the unsaved members of their families and communities be greatly impacted by the unwavering witness of these dedicated lives — compelling many more to seek the truth of Christ’s reality for themselves.

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