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Defeated by Default: The Abiding Influence of John Rawls, Part One

Could we really manufacture “equality” in all relevant areas of life, even if we wanted to? Could we, for example, manufacture an equality of families? Rawls tellingly acknowledges that “the principle of fair opportunity can be only imperfectly carried out, at least as long as the institution of the family exists.” We might suspect, then, that a perfectly consistent Rawlsian would work tirelessly to eradicate the family as the last bastion of “unfairness.” Thus, when someone like Mark Regnerus presents evidence that certain family structures are better for children, such evidence could only work against the position of those who cite his work. Since the quality of one’s family is one of those “natural assets” that creates an unequal distribution of society’s benefits, its effect must be minimized as much as possible.

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