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Dutch euthanasia industry now killing the mentally ill

By Rick Moran

A decade ago, a bunch of Dutch medical lawyers came up with a series of guidelines designed to keep doctors out of jail for assisting in suicides. Called the Groningen Protocols, the guidelines set up procedures that were ostensibly designed to protect the patient from being put down unnecessarily.

The guidelines say that a patient has to apply at one of the assisted suicide centers, have the concurrence of their family doctor, and have their case adjudicated by a panel of doctors. For children under 12, it is the parents who make the decision.

Today, the protocols have expanded to include flying squads of death dealing doctors who travel all over the country helping people end their lives – including the mentally ill. This is problematic because the idea that someone suffering from dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease can make a rational choice to die is questionable.

The controversial practice is getting very popular.

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