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Andrew McCarthy explains how the DOJ is sabotaging the FBI’s Hillary investigation

By Dan Calabrese

We touched on this last week, but National Review’s Andrew McCarthy takes it to a whole new level of explaining just how much is inadverently revealed when the Washington Post gives an insider account of the FBI’s questioning of Hillary crony Cheryl Mills.

Among the things that stink here:

Mills is avoiding questions by claiming attorney-client privilege even though she was not acting as Hillary’s attorney during the events the FBI wants to ask her about.
The Justice Department is not only backing Mills up on this, they’re apparently making deals with Mills without the FBI’s knowledge and then assisting in shutting down the FBI’s questioning of the witness.
Someone at the Justice Department is leaking all this to the Washington Post, which dutifully reports it with the DOJ’s spin in all its shameless glory.
The Post continues to push the line that “there is scant evidence” Hillary had “malicious” intent, as if that’s the slightest bit relevant (it’s not) and the Post doesn’t tell us how it knows this, because if it did, it would also be proving that the fix is in at the Justice Department.

McCarthy explains:




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