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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

“Let us pray that the increasingly apparent predominance of
persecution against the Christian community throughout
the world would subside into a sea of love and compassion that
is foremost modelled by the Christian church of Canada.”
~ Doug J. McKenzie, CEO
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

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PAKISTAN: Young Christian Teen Set on Fire

Source: Farsi Christian News Network

Nouman was attacked while on the way to his job.
Photo: Flickr / Gullhem Vellut

A 14-year-old Pakistani Christian boy, Nouman Masih, was fatally wounded during an attack perpetrated by two Muslim militants after answering truthfully that he was a Christian. As a result of the severity of the attack, Nouman died with third-degree burns over more than half of his body. According to Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a prominent Pakistani human rights attorney, the young teen was walking on his way to a tailor shop where he was apprenticing when approached by the men.

Upon discovering that the young teen was a Christian, the militants beat Nouman, doused him with kerosene, and then set him on fire. Doctors ruled that approximately 55 percent of his body was burned. Although it was initially thought that Nouman may be able to survive the injuries, the hospital did not have the burn treatment facilities required to treat the severity of his wounds.

Unfortunately, as Nouman’s attackers fled the scene unidentified, the case is still unresolved and under investigation. Other reports of persecution against believers in Pakistan, and the effect they’ve had on the victims and their families, are available at the Pakistan Country Report.

Pray for Nouman’s grieving family and friends. Ask the Lord to provide them needed comfort, strength, and the ability to forgive those who have committed this horrific crime. May the attack against this innocent young teen awaken awareness among Pakistan’s citizens to the evils of such cruelty and injustice, also serving as a catalyst in bringing about long-awaited change to the laws of the land, as well as within the hearts of the people. Uphold the church in Pakistan as it endeavours to remain faithful amid strong opposition and frequent attacks (Revelation 2:25). And last, but not least, pray for the perpetrators, in hopes that they will turn from their wicked ways and seek God’s forgiveness and salvation.

IRAN: Deportation Poses Life-Threatening Risk

Source: DV (Icelandic News)

If deported to Iran, Morteza will face the death sentence.

Morteza Songolzadeh, a 36-year-old Iranian who applied for asylum in Iceland about nine months ago, has been sentenced to death in Iran. Just over a month ago, immigration authorities ruled that he should be sent to France under the Dublin Regulation, since that is the country where he first entered Europe. He is concerned that the French government may send him back to Iran where he faces certain death. Due to this concern, fear surrounds his potential deportation.

“The reason for the sentence is that I left Islam and became a Christian,” Morteza explains. “This is strictly forbidden in my country and, if I return there, I will be immediately hanged.” The uncertainty and bleak future prospects are taking their toll on him: “I cannot sleep because of nightmares. I am a person like your brothers and sons. You would not send them to certain death. I just want to live in peace.”

Although Morteza doesn’t know exactly when he will be deported, a decision to that effect has been made. To learn more about the challenges facing Christians in Iran, go to this page.

Please join us in urgent prayer for Morteza as he awaits the eventual deportation to France. Ask the Lord to mightily intervene on his behalf, surrounding him with loving protection wherever he goes. Intercede for those who wish to harm this believer, that they will heed the Holy Spirit’s conviction and the realization that they will one day have to give an account to the true Righteous Judge who reigns with supremacy over all people and nations. As a result, may the governing authorities responsible act wisely and with concern for Morteza’s life and safety. Throughout this ordeal, pray that Morteza and his family will experience God’s perfect peace, knowing that the outcome is ultimately in his Heavenly Father’s hands.


NORTH KOREA: Family Grateful for Provision of Medical Care


A North Korean woman and her family have expressed their thankfulness for the medical care they are receiving through The Voice of the Martyrs’ ministry in China. “Ji Young” recently told a pastor who works closely with VOM Korea that her husband has been ill but was unable to get treatment in China. “After leaving my hometown in North Korea, I never received help from anyone in China,” she states. “Nobody cared for me or my family.”

However, she gratefully acknowledges the help that her family is receiving from VOM during this time of illness: “As we received support from the pastor, I realized that God never forgets nor leaves (us). He always cares and has mercy…. I do not know how I can express my heart to God, I was so touched by this experience. Thank you for your help and support. I will live as a child of God and keep my faith in Him.” (For information on VOM Canada’s ministry to North Koreans, click here)

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