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Watchman Video Broadcast 05-08-16, Secret Of The Seal Part 45

The Capstone Part 24 | Familiar Spirits Part 6 | Dark Spirit Of Hebrew Roots Part 3 | Pastor Mike Hoggard discusses how Manasseh used enchantments or incantations before he set up an idol in the temple of God. In this video, we look at Familiar Spirits and the Dark Spirit of Hebrew Roots. Find out how the source of the Hebrew Roots movement is the writings of ancient Jewish mystics. These mystics spoke of being in contact with “angels” — and in some cases, dead “rabbis” — whose spirits were guiding them with secret revelations. Hence, the doctrine of the Hebrew Roots movement is inspired by familiar spirits.

This video series takes an in-depth look at what the Great Seal of the United States represents according to the King James Bible. Discover the root meaning and history behind the “all seeing eye” and other symbols included on the Great Seal stamped on the back of the one dollar bill.


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