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Heritage Foundation’s Dr. Kim Holmes on Groupthink, Intolerance, and More


Yeah, this is very, very concerning. The US attorney general from the Virgin Islands has issued a subpoena against the Competitive Enterprise Institute and this is very, very dangerous in my opinion. I think the thing to realise is that the progressives start first with the culture and then they move towards the law. It happened with their moving into hate crimes and hate speech and the like. They start off with making the philosophical and moral case about what can be said and what cannot be said or what is right and what’s wrong. And then once they convince a number of people to be on their side, then they start moving into the law to try to enforce it. So it matters a great deal. And the popular culture, what we Americans actually tolerate and allow to happen in our schools and elsewhere, because the next step is, if you reach a consensus, they’re going to start moving into the law. So therefore, this whole debate about climate change, which many people thought, well, it’s just, you know, a disagreement over science and the like and, you know, yeah, there are these so-called sceptics and the like and so you had all these disagreements. And the next thing you know, you got attorney generals issuing subpoenas if you happen to disagree with the consensus on climate change. Well, this started in the culture. You had people like Bill Nye, the science guy, who was very popular, you know, he was asked a question and he didn’t rule out actually jailing climate sceptics as war criminals. An idea that was proposed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. And when this happened, it was kind of like, ho-hum, you know, or when you have Sean Penn and other Hollywood people making statements about, well, Ted Cruz should be put in an insane asylum. And actually be put on television, interviewed as if it’s a serious proposition. The popular culture is enabling these views. Everybody’s getting used to them. It seems to be not only the right thing to do, but the cool thing to do. And that is where the problem really lies –




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