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Banishment of Western Civilization at Stanford Shows Pervasive Cultural Rot

by Tom Tancredo

You probably heard about the vote by students at Stanford University a couple of weeks ago, but similar event occurs nearly every day on some college campus near you. Political correctness is alive and flourishing on the majority of campuses, and it is a symptom of a deeper cultural rot.

The really odd thing is, everyone condemns political correctness, but no one wants to do anything about it where it is doing the most damage — in our educational institutions. The Stanford student vote to ban the study of Western Civilization from the curriculum should be a wake-up call.

Donald Trump gets enthusiastic applause when he denounces PC at large campaign rallies, but even Trump hasn’t dared to bring that message to the citadel of PC, Stanford University, or any other major university. If Trump tried to speak at Stanford, UC-Berkeley, or USC, he would need a security detail rivaling the size of the NYC police department.

But it’s not just politics that upsets the guardians of political correctness, it’s our history, our ideals, and the symbols of American greatness. Che Guevara is a popular figure for T-shirts these days, but Christopher Columbus and Patrick Henry, not so much.




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