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250 Women Refused to Become Islamic Sex Slaves… So They Were Slaughtered Instead. Media?

Steven Crowder

Gruesome stories of violent, Islamic oppression of women. It happens by the thousands every single day. But how often do you read/hear about them on most major news outlets? Maybe they’re buried under false narratives of women making less than men (WATCH: Leftist Bank Shamelessly Exploits Children to Push Gender Pay Gap Myth) or the myth of Western “Rape Culture” (see that debunked here). No matter. So long as Harriet Tubman gets to be on the $20 bill. Priorities.

But here at we value people, including women, so we bring these stories to light whenever we can. Like these hundreds of women who were murdered at the hands of IS (Islamic State of Iraq for those confused). The reason? They refused to become Islamic sex slaves. It’s an Islam thing, you wouldn’t get it.




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