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Armenian Genocide: More than 100 Years of Silence against Christian Persecution

By : Susan Swift Arnall

This week memorializes 101 years* since the Armenian Genocide, part of the larger genocide when the Islamic Ottoman Empire murdered 3.5 million Armenians and Greeks from 1914-1923 because they were Christian. Hitler’s Obersalzberg Speech – given shortly before invading Poland and undertaking the murder of 6 million Polish Jews and Christians to create “lebensraum”– revealed how emboldened he felt by the world’s silence at the Armenian Genocide. Today, that silence continues as Islamic groups persecute, murder and ethnically cleanse Christians throughout the world. And meantime our current President refuses to identify radical Islam as the cause, instead bashing Christians for being on their “high horse” and “unloving”. Even on this 100th anniversary, the President refuses to use the word “genocide” to describe the slaughter of 3.5 million Christians, lest he offend Islamic Turkey.




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