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Lindzen: What Do Scientists Say About Climate Change?

Aaron Bandler

MIT atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen cuts through all noise from politicians, media hacks and leftist activists to present the true facts of climate change in Prager University’s latest video.

Lindzen explains that there are three categories for people in the climate change debate: scientists associated with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, scientists who are climate skeptics, and those who are politicians, journalists and environmentalist activists.

In the first group, scientists believe that the emission of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels will result in the planet heating toward dangerously high levels. The second group features scientists such as Lindzen, who understand that there are numerous factors involved with the planet’s climate–including the sun, clouds and Earth’s gravitational orbit–and there is no evidence to substantiate the first group’s claim that carbon dioxide is the key factor that influences the climate. However, Lindzen points out that the two groups agree on more than meets the eye:

The climate constantly changes.
Some degree of warming will occur with the emission of carbon dioxide, but without it there would be no life on Earth.
Carbon dioxide levels have risen since the 19th century.
The average global temperature has risen by one degree celsius between 1800 and 2000, but man’s carbon emissions have played a role since the 1960’s.
A “confident prediction” about the average global temperature cannot be made.
Fossil fuel use will not result in armaggeddon.

The problem is that the third group of politicians, media hacks and environmentalist activists have incited an atmosphere of doom and panic among the public over climate change.




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