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Clinton’s Corrupt Camp and the Panama Papers

By : Dr. Sarah Condor

We also know full well that the rise of socialists like Sanders here or Jeremy Corbin in Britain is also fueled by offshore-chiseled funds. In particular, Mr. Soros, who had set up his first offshore fund in the 1960s, is a true master of these schemes, which are fueled by totalitarian regimes with lack of accountability. Places like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia occur multiple times in the Panama Papers. While the Prime Minister of Iceland was forced to resign when it was revealed that he had sold a company to his wife for $1 (to avoid taxes), in totalitarian states, such accountability remains to be desired: who will depose the President of China (heavily involved in Panama money laundering) or the members of the Syrian regime (such as the cousin of Bashar Al Assad, often described as “poster boy of corruption”)?



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