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What really drives the LGBT agenda


Well, here’s why – and it’s quite simple: Leaders on the left are aware that a socialist state must be the sole arbiter of morality. It must be able to decree absolutely anything and establish any social convention it deems appropriate, including that which many in any given social order would consider profoundly amoral or primally repellant.

Presently, there’s a faction for whom the State will never reign supreme, because the members thereof honor and obey the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thus, in the eyes of those advancing the socialist state, these people must be disenfranchised and their doctrine neutralized. In America, this faction primarily comprises Christians, who are a majority.

So, how do those advancing the socialist state go about disenfranchising a majority of millions? They go about it in the same manner as was employed in Europe and in Canada: A scenario is represented by means of propaganda wherein the habits or practices of one faction become at odds with the established civil liberties of the majority – in this case, the religious protections afforded Christians under the Constitution. The majority is then targeted on the pretext that their liberties are manifestly oppressive to this faction – in this case, homosexuals, transvestites and assorted sexual deviants.

Then, widespread sympathy is engendered on the part of the populace for the minority faction by demonizing the majority for their oppression of the minority, even if this is not occurring. Sufficient support for the minority faction is created to facilitate citizens’ endorsement of legal measures protecting the “rights” (practices) of the minority faction; this necessarily negates the civil liberties of the majority, which itself will be reticent to protest out of fear of being further demonized.

This opens the door to ever-increasing institutional oppression of the majority faction and encroachment of the now-legal rights of the minority faction upon them on the basis that the majority previously abused their liberties in oppressing the minority faction. Members of the majority group eventually become persona non grata, and many if not all of their doctrine becomes suspect and stigmatized.




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