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The New Fascists: Kamala Harris

By Tom Trinko

When confronted with irrefutable evidence that Planned Parenthood was profiting by selling the human organs of aborted babies, and modifying the abortion procedure without the consent of the mother in order to improve profits, Harris conducted a raid on the apartment of David Daleiden, the brave investigative journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s profiting from the modern equivalent of lampshades made from human skin.

Apparently women’s health being placed second to PP profits does not bother Harris any more than the idea that money is being made selling the body parts of unborn children does.

Liberals revealed their fascist leanings by being enthused over Harris’s attack on the press. For one of the core beliefs of fascists is that the press cannot be free. If the truth is out there, then the evil of fascism will turn people against it.




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