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Intel Analysts Say They Were Forced Out of their Jobs for Telling the Truth About Obama’s War on ISIS

By Debra Heine

The latest revelations about skewed ISIS intelligence have revealed possibly the biggest scandal of Obama’s presidency and it may have just gotten worse, according to a new Daily Beast report. Whistleblowers are now saying they’re being retaliated against for not “toeing the Obama administration’s line on the war.”

This development should seem sickeningly familiar to those who pay attention to the way Obama scandals evolve over time. Often (but not this time) there’s an initial shock and anger phase on the part of the president, then almost always the sham internal investigation phase, the denial phase, the stonewall and/or cover-up phase, and finally the dreaded retaliation phase.

The administration quickly tore through the first stages of the “Obama cooked ISIS intel” scandal that erupted last summer, and now appears to be well into the “retaliation phase.”

Via the Daily Beast:




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