Proverbs 21:30

The enemies within our gates

By Patricia McCarthy

There is something terribly wrong with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, emotionally, morally, and ethically. Both of them came forward, briefly, to address the Brussels bombing. Both did it in the most oddly disconnected manner. Neither of them was angry. Both spoke in a flat tone, without a hint of sentiment or sympathy.

Obama could not even manage a full minute, so anxious was he to get back to Raúl Castro and that baseball game. Murder and mayhem at the hands of terrorists is not nearly enough to get Obama to interrupt his vacation, especially one with the likes of the Castros. Chumming with a totalitarian like Raúl is just too exciting to pass up, even when the body parts are still being collected off an airport floor; especially when he is largely responsible for the rise and reach of those terrorists.




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