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DOJ to Enforce ‘Religious Freedom’ Especially for Muslim Students in U.S. Public Schools

by Dr. Susan Berry

The Department of Justice (DOJ) says it plans to “promote religious freedom” in schools, particularly for Muslim students who allegedly experience “discrimination” or “bullying” from other students in the nation’s public schools.

The federal schoolyard-policing plan is intended to “combat religious discrimination in schools and other educational settings,” Vanita Gupta – head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division — claimed March 8.

“These efforts will help us combat discriminatory backlash against Muslim students and students perceived as Muslim. But they will also benefit children of every background and every religion,” she said in a speech at the Interagency Roundtable on Religious Discrimination in Education in Newark, New Jersey, on March 8.

“This initiative will allow us to expand our ability to investigate and remedy complaints; to lead robust community outreach; and to develop critical guidance for federal prosecutors,” she said.

Gupta continued;




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