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A Tortured Iranian Refugee Reveals the Truth About Obama’s Nuke Deal Partner

By Irina Tsukerman

“Thank you so much for doing this. You are risking your life helping me with this report, for a prisoner you don’t even know.”

“It’s my duty.”

And that is when I went from being suspicious to being trusting. I was assisting a political prisoner with a life-threatening illness; I needed to show the importance of political intervention by raising the prisoner’s profile in the media, but I had no idea where to get him published. And then I remembered that Kaveh Taheri, a human rights journalist who regularly posted his reports on (a social media platform that connects human rights assistance seekers and helpers, run by Advancing Human Rights) worked for a human rights group which regularly profiles political prisoners.

I was hesitant to ask for Kaveh’s assistance for a number of reasons. I had a very limited-to-nonexistent interaction with Kaveh prior to this situation, and asking him to risk his life — with no compensation, for unclear reasons, and for complete strangers — was kind of awkward.



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