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Muslim Rape Jihad: The Western Women- The first victims of forced immigration

Sandra Maksimovic-Sara,

The current Muslim rape epidemic in Europe seems to be an expected outcome of the forced third world immigration. Our liberal oriented politicians didn’t think about it when they were welcoming the thousands of young males from the Middle East and North Africa, under the childish explanation that they are suffered population who will contribute to the western societies.

Some of the opponents to this immigration “all allowed policy” tried to warn that this significant number of undocumented immigrants will cause the chaos in the European System by itself, but they were accused for spreading fascist propaganda and growing islamophobia.

Unfortunately, the liberalism made it and opened our European home for wild hordes of immigrants who aren’t socially shaped and who believe they can take whatever they want. The majority of them are young males who don’t have anything to lose but to get all they can imagine. Everywhere is better for them than to stay in the world which dies in ash. Liberal ideology in Europe has believed that newcomers will be useful to the labor force or loyal liberal voters one day, but they didn’t analyze the fact that those people are Muslims and that Muslims want to make din-va-davlat in infidels land. They do not want to adjust themselves to the western world. They want that western world to adjust itself to the new Islamic rules which could bring us all to Sharia Law in the near future.




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