Proverbs 21:30

The Clattering Train

by Richard Fernandez

The unthinkable is finally happening. A small revolt against President Obama has broken out in Democrat ranks over the Obamacare fiasco. In response, President Obama is “brainstorming” with the insurance companies to find a way out. It’s like Animal House, with the same frenzy but without the humor. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Nothing is over until we decide!”

He still thinks he “decides.”

Roger Simon argues that Obama should resign, giving the most old-fashioned of reasons. Shame. “If I were Barack Obama, I would resign as president. Forget all the temporary fixes and limited hangouts, I would be too ashamed of myself for having lied so blatantly to the American people — and on matters of such great significance.”

But Obama won’t resign, precisely because he lacks the quality of “shame.” But Roger has put his finger on the essential point. Obama is ungoverned by shame, and hence has no self-limiting boundaries. He’s like a runaway train without a driver. Such trains require an external agency to stop them. Obama won’t stop himself, no matter what, no matter how.

Since Obama will never resign, the Dems may eventually try to persuade him to retire, in the manner of Nixon or Johnson. The political pressures will bear on them until the beams creak and the floor sags. Unthinkable? Bill Clinton has broken ranks already on Obamacare.

Obama is waist deep in quicksand. The first rule of quicksand is not to struggle; to swim your way out. But Obama won’t. Can’t. The deeper he gets, the harder he thrashes. No shame. No self-control.




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