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Two Acts of Fraud May Hand McAuliffe the Keys to Virginia

Bryan Preston

Let’s just lay this out straight: The Democrats may be about to steal the governorship in Virginia.

The polls have tightened over the past week, but Democrat Terry McAuliffe has consistently led Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

The Democrats closed the campaign with a vicious dirty trick — a robo-call that brazenly lies about Cuccinelli’s positions on Obamacare and abortion.

Get this — the Democrats smeared Cuccinelli by robo-calling that he supports Obamacare. He was the first state attorney general to sue to stop Obamacare. The Democrats are using McAuliffe’s position on Obamacare — he loves it — to smear his opponent. The Democratic Party of Virginia paid for the calls, which were designed to depress support for Cuccinelli by brazenly lying about his positions.

That’s some chutzpah.

Now it turns out that the Libertarian candidate, who holds very few actual libertarian positions, is bankrolled by an Obama bundler according to the Blaze.




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