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Harassment and Intimidation: The Goals of Obama’s Information Dragnet

by Tom Blumer

Those considering activism now know that supporting disfavored causes ends invisibility. Anyone organizing or even participating in an effort to do something about government waste, fraud, and abuse, or working to elect people who might stop the the Obama administration’s Federal Reserve-assisted debt and spending death spiral now recognizes that they potentially have plenty to lose. The IRS, based on its track record of the past three years, won’t hesitate to ask them and their associates about their political beliefs, who’s giving them money, what books they’ve read, and their ambitions for political office. Those who really start to become pains in the rear end, or those who merely write checks in support of opposition causes, face the prospect of having the IRS target their individual and business tax returns, while other federal and state regulatory thugs perform anal exams on other aspects of their lives.

Anyone mounting an effort to stop the slaughter of over one million innocent pre-born babies each year while asserting the scientific fact that life begins at conception and that it deserves the God-given protection identified as humans’ primary inalienable right in our Declaration of Independence from that point on should be prepared to have the IRS ask them about their prayers, their street demonstrations and counseling, and whether they give equal time to those who believe that it’s okay for a mother to abort her unborn child because it’s inconvenient.

Anyone with something in their past which they would rather others not know must confront the likelihood that it will become known. The suspicion here is that a few phone calls or emails from “concerned citizens” or a bit of online key-word trickery can trigger the NSA to profile anyone.




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