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The Memory of Beslan, the Shame of Boston

by Michael Walsh:

Enough with all the chest-thumping, mingled with manly tears, about the dramatic end of the Marathon bombers’ reign of terror in Boston last week. From the press coverage, you’d think the entire city (which is actually rather small) rose up as one and smote two evil Chechens a stunning blow for truth, justice, liberty and the American Way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we saw instead was a city cowering in fear, led by two particularly pusillanimous toads in Gov. Deval Patrick and Mayor Mumbles Menino, who had the services of some 10,000 armed personnel — literally, a small army — to take down… wait for it… a wounded teenager with a gun, and maybe some self-detonating explosives.

Way to go, Boston. You’ve made all of us proud to be Americans.

Now, of course, the liberal East Coast media is getting all mushy about the Brothers Tsarnaev. I’m not even going to bother to cite some of the more egregious examples from the New York Times and elsewhere, part of the MSM’s ongoing bout of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to dealing with Islam and its discontents. John Hinderaker of Power Line has a nice roundup of the usual-suspect idiocy.

But don’t you wish, just once, an American public official would react like a man?




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