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Al-Dura: French Court (Re-)Considers Philippe Karsenty’s Fate

Dr. Patrick Bloch, war surgeon and medical expert, makes clear that children hit by bullets “don’t move, as a result of a specific traumatic shock, but stay in a state of sideration,” contrary to the allegedly wounded child shown in the France 2 report who does move. Moreover, bullets usually go through a human body and “always create a second visible wound as they go out,“ except when lodged in the head and the thorax, where they may remain. Also, the damage created by high-velocity bullets, either in terms of flesh or blood projection, is always significant, whereas no such necessary outcome of a shooting is to be seen in the report. If the femoral artery is hit — something that happened to the father, according to his own words — “blood runs out at a 300 to 600 milliliters per minute speed, which means that the wounded person is completely emptied of his or her blood in 10 minutes.” The father, Jamal al-Dura, is supposed to have been rescued by an ambulance after 20 minutes of bleeding.


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