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Who’s the Racist? Sam Tanenhaus, Meet Dr. Benjamin Carson

by Roger L Simon:

I have to be honest. I only got a few hundred words into Sam Tanenhaus’ New Republic cover story “Original Sin: Why the GOP is and will continue to be the party of white people” before I clicked off. Besides being your normal impatient ADD-infused ‘net surfer, I found what I read of Tanenhaus to be stultifyingly banal and predictable.

But perhaps that’s because I harbor residual resentment toward the New York Times Book Review (the periodical he edits), which gave favorable notices to each of my first nine books (written as a liberal) and completely ignored the last two (written as a mildly center-right conservative) as if I had suddenly had a lobotomy. You be the judge.

I also might have been peeved because, unlike Tanenhaus (he’s a decade younger than I am), I actually participated in the civil rights movement, going down South and so forth and then took the horrifying step of voting for George W. Bush.

But it’s deeper than that. I think Tanenhaus is full of it and reactionary. A lot of what he writes is based on projection, a kind of “wish” that the Republican Party would be racist or a white people’s party when it is the other way around.




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  1. In reading the article written by Sam Tanenhaus, I thought to myself…..”he’s got the point!” The article, “The party of white people,” is a succinct and factual account of what motivates the GOP. It is a fact that if it was still a popular group to belong too…..most of the members of the Republican Party would be and very well might be active members of the Klu Klux Klan. There is no “race card” to play. The United States of America has been a racist nation from the days of the first settlers. Racism is taught and learned from generation to generation. And if anyone opts to believe that the United States of America has risen above racism, simply because we have an African American president… sadly mistaken. And what’s so sad about it all is that the “Good Ole Boys,” strategically enact laws such as voter suppression and justify it and some of the American citizens believe them. Same tricks……just a different era.

    Comment by Missy | February 12, 2013

    • I don’t agree with you and nor does history.

      Comment by Tim | February 12, 2013

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