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Canadian gvmt halts overseas funding to Christian group over beliefs on homosexuality

by Patrick B. Craine ( –

Canada’s Conservative government has halted payments to a Christian group working to improve access to clean water in Uganda after a media report targeted the group’s commitment to Christian sexual teaching.

Crossroads Communications Inc., an evangelical organization that runs a TV station in Canada and development projects overseas, is in the midst of a $544,813 grant from the Canadian International Development Agency that was to run from 2011-2014.

But after The Canadian Press ran a report Sunday highlighting the group’s stated belief in Christian teaching that homosexuality is a “sin” and a “perversion,” Minister of International Cooperation Julian Fantino announced through Twitter that he had asked CIDA officials to “review” Crossroads’ grant “before further payments are made.”

The news has pro-family advocates up in arms. Joseph C. Ben-Ami, president of the Meighen Institute, said Crossroads’ views on homosexuality “couldn’t be less relevant” to its work in Uganda, and said Fantino is a “disaster” as a Conservative MP.

“Is the Canadian Press saying that Crossroads is refusing water to homosexual men?” he asked. “Or that Christians can’t be trusted to build wells or supervise the construction of irrigation systems because they’re Christian? That’s certainly the implication.”

“If that’s so, they should make the accusation clearly and directly and be prepared to answer for the libel in court,” he added. “There are words that can be used to describe that kind of allegation – profoundly ignorant would be the most generous and respectful.”



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