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Schumer, Hagel, and Obama’s ‘Good Jews’

by Roger L Simon:

The game has similarly also been rigged against the state of Israel. Schumer, consciously and/or unconsciously, has been one of the riggers, he and a squadron of Obama’s other “good Jews” including David Axelrod, Jack Lew, and Rahm Emanuel.

Meanwhile, the president — actually treating Israel like the fifty-first state she has been accused of being — has reportedly said the Jewish state doesn’t know what’s good for her.

Israel, for her part, is moving to the right. The reason is simple – although contra everything Obama thinks or wishes. The Israeli public is finally facing – years after the Oslo Accords and after unilaterally departing from the Sinai and Gaza only to be the recipient of endless missiles and terror attacks — that the Palestinians, leadership and public, have no real interest in a two–state solution. It is only the Israelis, ironically, that want one. For reasons of tribalism, vengeance, and religious primitivism, the Palestinians seek only a one-state solution. Theirs. If they had wanted a two-state solution, they could have had one of their own decades ago.

Anyone paying serious attention to the situation knows this sad and painful truth, but Obama’s “good Jews” (as well as their myriad supporters in the pundit class) almost always choose to ignore it. Their personal power is clearly more important to them, as evidenced by Schumer’s ubiquitous face at the inauguration. These people may excuse themselves by rationalizations — a classic is the “working for change from within,” employed by Alan Dershowitz and Ed Koch — but soon enough, as David Goldman has pointed out on this site, the moment of truth will come on Iran. History will have its accounting.

And fortunately, unlike the 1930s, the “good Jews” and their bien-pensant allies can say and do what they want. The Jews have their own state and their own army. .




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