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CBS News Joins Obama’s War on the Republican Party, Civil Rights

by Bryan Preston:

John Nolte picked up on a column written by John Dickerson, in the amateur e-zine known as Slate. Dickerson calls on President Obama to use his Second Inaugural address to do what he has already been doing since his re-election, namely, to declare war on the GOP. Dickerson uses such eliminationist rhetoric as “go for the throat” to get Obama’s blood up and get going on “transforming” the country. Obama has spent just about every minute since his re-election trying to destroy the GOP. John Dickerson is a lickspittle hanger-on fanboy.

Dickerson’s column wouldn’t be all that remarkable for Slate. That site is full of leftists and pretend intellectuals. But it is remarkable for another reason. Dickerson is CBS News’ political director.




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