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Barack Obama treats Britain with sneering contempt. No wonder he worships the EU

By Nile Gardiner:

I wrote a post yesterday arguing that Britain’s relationship with the EU is none of Barack Obama’s business. The intervention by a key US official in the internal British debate over EU membership, first reported by The Telegraph’s David Blair, has rightly sparked a strong reaction among many Conservative MPs, who are naturally outraged by the Obama administration’s interference. The official who made the remarks, Philip Gordon, is not just any bureaucrat in the State Department. He is the top adviser in the US government on European affairs, and a long-standing ardent Eurofederalist.

There can be no doubt at all that Gordon’s comments, warning Britain against an EU exit, were deliberately timed in advance of David Cameron’s forthcoming speech on Europe. They have been welcomed by Downing Street, as they bolster the Coalition’s own failing arguments for staying in the EU. They will also be warmly received in the European Commission, music to the ears of every Brussels apparatchik. But they don’t reflect the views of a clear majority of British people, who would vote to leave the EU if given the opportunity to do so in a referendum.

Philip Gordon’s lecture is a reflection of a sneering, liberal elitist view that sits comfortably in the White House and the European Commission, with complete disregard for public opinion, national sovereignty and the principle of self-determination. It is the same mindset which dominates the Obama administration’s approach to the Falklands issue, with Washington refusing even to recognise the upcoming Falklands referendum, or condemn Argentina’s mounting campaign of aggression.



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