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Krauthammer: ‘Give Obama the Full Clinton’

By Michael Kling:

Budget negotiations aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff are supposed to be about taking a balanced approach.

However, President Barack Obama’s initial offer is anything but that, writes Washington Post opinion writer Charles Krauthammer.

“Obama’s audacious new gambit is not a serious proposal to solve our fiscal problems,” Krauthammer states. “It’s a raw partisan maneuver meant to neuter the Republicans by getting them to cave on their signature issue as the hold-the-line party on taxes.”

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Obama has two objectives, he asserts. The first is to create “internecine warfare” over taxes among Republicans. The second is to “bury Grover Norquist,” the conservative activist known for pressing Republicans to pledge not to raise taxes.

Obama is succeeding in his first goal, Krauthammer says.




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