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Napolitano Says Cybersecurity Executive Order Almost Ready

by Joe Wolverton, II:

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano revealed September 19 that an executive order granting the president sweeping power over the Internet is “close to completion.”

Testifying before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Napolitano said that the order is still “being drafted” and vetted by various high-level bureaucrats. But she also indicated that it would be issued as soon as a “few issues” were resolved. Assuming control of the nation’s Internet infrastructure is a DHS responsibility, Napolitano added.

“DHS is the Federal government’s lead agency for securing civilian government computer systems and works with our industry and Federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government partners to secure critical infrastructure and information systems,” she informed senators.

Precisely which clause in the Constitution grants to the president specifically or the executive branch (of which DHS is a part) generally authority to exercise any sort of oversight of such matters was not cited by Secretary Napolitano.

Naturally, a document written 225 years ago would not include a reference to cybersecurity, but the principles of enumerated powers and limited government apply to any program or project of the federal government. According to the contract that created the three branches of the federal government, none of those departments may do anything unless specifically granted that authority in the Constitution.

This is a principle of constitutional interpretation often overlooked. Those promoting a larger government with increasing influence on the lives of private citizens commonly defend government growth by insisting that “nothing in the Constitution forbids us from doing” whatever federal program they are advocating.

Such a theory is contrary to that held by the Founders. As James Madison explained in The Federalist, No. 45:




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  1. As we continue to navigate through the inherent risks associated with the 21st century, such as the down economy, record unemployment, the Occupy Movement (which gave birth to the plethora of ‘have not’s whose lips drip with disdain toward those who ‘have’), it is critical for all those of wealth and those in the public eye to remember that they, and their families, make an extremely attractive target and that the criminal business model that enfolds them is quite lucrative and frankly, executable with relative ease. Further, given the world economy and the blatant rise of anti-American sentiment, cases of unlawful detention and express kidnapping will certainly continue to increase given the attractive revenue stream they bring.

    Comment by cyber security | September 21, 2012

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