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Canada quits UN agency over monster Mugabe appointment, Obama admin silent, shame on us

by Pamela Geller:

Remember when America was the world leader? Remember when it was America who would not sit idly by when outrageous evils were sanctioned by the collective negation of humanity (the UN)? Mugabe

How low America has sunk under the fraud.

Even the pathologically leftist NY Times has said that Mugabe should be tried for war crimes.

And this just last week: President Robert Mugabe and his henchmen are accused of crimes against humanity, a British newspaper reported on Saturday, for among other things, “slowly hacking off the limbs and pulling out the teeth with pliers of his opposition’s supporters. He had ‘enjoyed’ torturing victims.”

And the UN appoints Mugabe special toursim ambassador …to where? Hades? And Obama stood by. Silence is sanction. You could just vomit at how third world we are under Obama. And the media says nothing.




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