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Fantastic new Romney ad crushes Obama’s dishonest Bain attacks

by The Right Scoop:

This new ad counter-punches Obama right in the teeth over his dishonest Bain attacks, using the words of his own key supporters:



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  1. We still need to be vigilant about Ron Paul. One of my Facebook friends has tragically been deceived by the Ron Paul people. I adore her. Her favorite politician, not so much.
    The latest post from her boasts about all the delegates that Ron Paul has recently gotten in some states. It makes it sound like he’s gaining on Romney. This in spite of the fact that Ron Paul hasn’t spent any money recently. It’s scary. If it comes down to Ron Paul vs Obama, forget it, this country’s going down. We can’t afford four more years of Obama, but Ron Paul will pull it down even faster tham Obama will. We have to defeat Ron Paul before we can even think of defeating Obama. First, defeat Ron Paul, then on to Obama. But without getting Ron Paul out of the way first, it’s won’t even be worth trying to defeat Obama.

    Why has Ron Paul stopped spending money, even though he hasn’t dropped out? This guy is sneaky and who knows what he has up his sleave. The Ron Paul people have been known to have tricks up their sleaves.

    Comment by Sweet Marmot | May 22, 2012

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