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Why Obama Touted Foreign Birth

Jay Haug:

Well it turns out that the person who has been touting President Barack Obama’s foreign roots all this time has been none other than…Barack Obama himself. Sure, the record in words was left by his publicist back in 1991 when Obama’s brief booklet was published. But is there any doubt Obama was totally aware of the, ahem, mistake? The question is why did Obama tout a foreign birth back then? Several reasons.

First, since the 1960’s, lefty academics have thought it cool and avant garde to claim any non-white, non-American heritage. When I lived in New England, a woman who attended Columbia long before Barack Obama told me that as a white woman, dating a black man and being seen walking down the street in New York City with one, was considered a status symbol. We know from Obama’s writings that as a college student he wanted to embrace his black heritage and move away from his preppy Punahou School background. What better way to do it than to claim Kenyan birth?




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