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Andrew Breitbart: Leading the charge against the left

By John Nolte:

Much of the story represents Andrew’s emotional and intellectual journey – from a “pop culture-infused wannabe hipster” to the bete noire of what he accurately refers to as the “Democrat-Media-Complex.” Because Andrew was incapable of telling a lie, at times the book reads like a confessional, as though he’s sitting across from you over a glass of wine and telling you who he is. This isn’t an accident, by the way. This was a conversation Andrew wanted to have with everyone he knew, and he wanted to know everyone.

The chapter that presents a side that not enough people know about is titled “Breakthrough,” and in it Andrew spends nearly 30 pages meticulously laying out a scholarly analysis of how the left came to be in America. It’s not the kind of work you’d expect from someone who partied through Tulane and had one of the most famous cases of ADHD in America, but Andrew was nothing if he wasn’t well read.




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