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Obama picks fight with “extreme” Tea Party

Paul Bedard:

The Tea Party’s been out of the news for months, but President Obama’s reelection team must sense that they’re up to something because in promoting his small dinner with low-dollar donors the campaign is highlighting a former Republican scared off by the Tea Party.

In a new fundraising letter, Julianna Smoot, deputy campaign manager, said one of the winners in the dinner raffle who will be sitting next to President Obama is from Ohio, “one of all too many states where Tea Party extremism has completely seized the Republican Party.”

It gets worse for the poor Ohioan identified simply as Jim: “When the Tea Party agenda — the same one that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have been fighting to take to the White House — personally affected Jim, it shook him into action.”

Now he’s a Democrat organizing for Obama. Read the letter below:




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