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‘Propoganda?’: Did You Happen to See Barack Obama on ‘American Idol’ Last Night?

by Jonathon M. Seidl:

A lot has been said about President Obama’s impromptu Al Green song that he belted out for a fundraiser last month. The video went viral, and even the president’s critics recognized the president can sing. And if you were watching “American Idol” on Wednesday, you would have seen it all over again.

That’s because one of the contestants, Elise Testone, chose the Al Green song that Obama resurrected, “Let’s Stay Together.” And during a pre-taped segment, one of the guest mentors, of the Black Eyed Peas, couldn’t help but note that Obama had belted out the tune. He suggested a sing off, and seconds later, the show was playing Testone and Obama side-by-side. Here’s how it went down:
That raised the eyebrows of some. Noel Sheppard over at Newsbusters didn’t like it:

In an election year?

Now, the reality is this should be wholesome, brainless fun, right?

But for eight years, the media bludgeoned Americans with how awful President George W. Bush was.

This man couldn’t mow the lawn at his ranch in Texas without being criticized for doing so.

Now, you can’t turn on a musical competition – in an election year! – without images of how marvelous the man in the White House is.

Can’t Americans spend a couple of hours watching television with their families without having propaganda about the president jammed down their throats?


It’s not only sickening but Obama is always cast as so intelligent but he won’t release his academic records and he once said there are 57 states. In the meantime Bush was a fighter pilot with MBA from Harvard.



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