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Rush Limbaugh – Bill Maher Has Called Sarah Palin The C – Word So Will Obama Be Giving The Money Back


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  1. you right wingers are all alike.. you’re liars, manipulators and spin spin spin
    if maher said something using an inappropriate term in relation to palin one or 2 times.. this does not compare at all to what limbaugh did to miss fluke
    1) maher is not the spokesman for the dem part, rush IS the spokesman for the gop.. you know it, i know it, everyone knows the gop is afraid of him..
    2) palin put herself out there as a dingbat lying politician and made millions off it.. she can dish it but she cant take it? because shes’ female?
    3) miss fluke is not apolitician and did not go out into the pubic with the intent to trash anyone.. she was there to state a case regarding women and medical use of contraception and why ins should cover it.. she was there as a spokesman for other women..
    she was not there as a politican to trash others (as palin does) she wasn’t there to make political points and lie about other politicans (as palin does) and she is NOT a politican nor claims to be (as palin…

    you posted here the same EXACT sh’t that’s on every other right wing whiny blog.. Maher gave his money to a super pac.. you’re all being childish imbeciles trying to spin obama should invade a super pac and give it back just because your dingbat palin got called a name last yr..

    give it up.. the gop is sinking fast… the party of hate lies spin, lunacy and corporate power

    Comment by adult | March 5, 2012

    • You are a very angry person. Do yourself a favour and get your blood pressure checked and if it’s high do yourself another favour and stay away from sites that see the world differently than you do.

      Comment by Tim | March 5, 2012

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