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Is Jordan Speeding Toward Anarchy?

by Abdel Jabbar Rawashdeh:

The enemies of reform and transparency in the King Abdullah’s Hashemite Kingdom have begun targeting women who dare to speak out against dictatorship and corruption.

Some Jordanians claim that the enemies belong to the the notorious and much-feared General Intelligence Department. They note that in several cases over the past few months, security agents posing as street thugs have attacked pro-democracy activists in various parts of the kingdom.

Other Jordanians have expressed fear that their country could be descending toward anarchy and lawlessness as a result of growing street protests and violence. “The Arab Spring seems to knocking on Jordan’s doors,” remarked a Jordanian newspaper editor. “Unfortunately, the king and the government are continuing to bury their heads in the sand.”

Earlier this week, a masked man stabbed and moderately wounded Inas Msallam, a Jordanian university stunted and blogger who had played a vital role in anti-government protests in the kingdom over the past few months.

Msallam, a fourth-year student at Jordan University, was attacked shortly after she criticized the monarch’s uncle, Prince Hassan bin Talal.




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