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Ezra’s terror training camp? Hardly

By Ezra Levant:

Wednesday is the last day to sign up for my winter getaway called the Freedom Weekend. Or as John Miller calls it, a terrorist training camp.

But you decide which it really is.

As I wrote a few months ago, Sun News personalities from Charles Adler to Michael Coren to Krista Erickson will join me at a beautiful resort north of Toronto, for the weekend of Feb. 24-26, and I’ve invited enthusiastic Sun readers to join us for the fun.

We’ll talk politics, dine together and go snowshoeing, have a campfire, the works. It will be like joining our newsroom for a weekend of great discussion, food and fun.

But to John Miller, a former editor of the Toronto Star and former chair of the Ryerson school of journalism, it doesn’t sound like fun.

Miller checked out my website — — and he literally compared the gathering to the Toronto 18 terrorists.

Here is an extended quote from his rant to show that I’m not taking this out of context one bit:




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