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The Real Story on Syria, and Why It Matters

Rob Miller:

The Middle East is basically in the process of dividing into some distinct spheres of influence. Thanks to our intervention in Iraq, a Shi’ite bloc consisting of Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon is forming up, and a Sunni bloc is coalescing consisting of Libya, Egypt, Gaza, and whatever areas in Judea and Samaria the “Palestinians” end up occupying (which will likely end up being ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood), with the possible addition of Jordan. The Saudis, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and the Emirates will likely retain their close ties to each other as Sunni oligarchies situated between the two…and in the case of the Saudis and Bahrain, Sunni oligarchies with restive Shi’ite populations that will be used by Iran to foment unrest and perhaps even to topple the established order in those countries.
Syria is where the spheres of influence meet.

Bashar Assad and many of the regime loyalists are members of the minority Alawite sect, a Shi’ite offshoot. The rebel groups like the Syrian Free Army are almost exclusively Sunni and mostly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

That’s the real backstory in Syria, and depending on who prevails, Syria will either remain part of the Shi’ite bloc dominated by Iran or become part of the Muslim Brotherhood Sunni bloc.

That’s why the Arab League is so exercised, and that’s why Qaradawi issued a fatwa. The aim is to foment unrest among the largely Sunni Muslims in Russia and Western China and, more to the point, to encourage Sunni fighters from other countries to launch a jihad and provide a veneer of religious justification for any brutalities meted out to Assad’s forces or even Alawite civilians.

This is standard Muslim practice.




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