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Mainstreaming anti-Semitism


The international Left’s embrace of the likes of Hamas, the Taliban, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood has increased leftist and isolationist American policy-makers’ comfort level in adopting hostile postures towards Israel. So it is that at the same time that the Obama administration is assiduously courting the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime, according to Channel 2, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has refused to meet with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman during his upcoming trip to Washington. Channel 2 reported that senior US officials said that “Lieberman is an obstacle to peace. We don’t want our pictures taken with him and with what he represents.”

Anti-Semitism is prejudice that is based on a rejection of reason. To fight it, it is not sufficient to disprove the contentions of the likes of Mearsheimer. He and his colleagues must be discredited and their enablers must be shamed.

But before this can happen, world Jewry and Israelis alike need to recognize what is happening.

Anti-Semitism is back in style. Its new justification is not race or religion. It is nationalism. Today’s anti-Semitism is predicated on preferring Palestinian and pan-Arab nationalism to Jewish nationalism.

And like its racist and religious predecessors, its aim is to deny the right of Jews to be free.


The left has always been the source of antisemitism but it is important to understand that even nazism was a left-wing ideological movement, it was never right-wing.



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  1. interesting. so how do you account for most jews being on the political left….they all hate themselves?…..nice try. Jews are overwhelmingly liberal voters. Antisemitism is emerges straight out of the religious right starting with, among other things, Martin Luther’s “on the Jews and their Lies”. jewish people know where the enemy lies, as do we all (bin Laden was no liberal)

    Comment by Jack | January 20, 2012

  2. except that the left has been extremely anti semitic the past couple decades, far more than the right especially in Canada. Norway is hardly a bastion of the right wing yet has extreme antisemitic elements. Look at Finkelstein and Chomsky yet two more examples of jews on the left who have shown themselves to be the stereotypical self hating jews.

    when i was in university it was the left wing students groups who started up “Israel apartheid week”, and it is almost invariably left wing idiots espousing the “jews did 9-11” theories.

    In the past it was far right elements, but its definately migrated now to the left side of the spectrum

    Comment by Ryan Mervin | January 27, 2012

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