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National paper backs Canada’s pro-life prisoner of conscience

One of Canada’s major national newspapers has called for an end to the 1994 injunction that bans pro-life activity outside Toronto abortion facilities, and backed Linda Gibbons, the pro-life prisoner of conscience who has spent nine of the last 18 years in jail for breaking it.

“There is no justification for the temporary injunction to be used ever again against Ms. Gibbons or a similarly peaceful protester,” wrote the National Post in a Thursday editorial. “To do so is to abuse the coercive power vested by the state in our police and courts. It must stop.”

“Yes, Ms. Gibbons is violating the law, but the completely disproportionate response of the state has been the only real injustice,” the paper added.


That ‘law’ was no law but rather a ‘temporary injunction’ and purely political.



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In Canada we jail peaceful grandmothers and lionize “occupiers” who destroy public property

by Russ Campbell:

The cur­rent Supreme Court chal­lenge un­der­taken by Linda Gib­bons high­lights how un­even and mean-spir­ited the Cana­dian jus­tice sys­tem can be at times. Ms. Gib­bons is a 63-year-old grand­mother who has been ar­rested about 20 times and spent more than nine of the past 20 years in jail for protest­ing peace­fully in front of abor­tion clin­ics. On Wednes­day she ap­peared be­fore the Supreme Court of Canada in a bid to have her most re­cent con­vic­tion quashed.


ht BCF


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Newt Challenges the Myth of Palestinian Nationalism

by Bruce Thornton:

Newt Gingrich touched off a mini-firestorm when he told a Jewish television channel that the Palestinians are an “invented” people “who are in fact Arabs,” and “who were historically part of the Arab community.” This simple statement of historical fact was of course met with the usual bluster from the Palestinians, who called the statements “ignorant,” “despicable,” and of course “racist,” a meaningless charge. And what response from the Palestinians would be complete without the usual threat that the statement they don’t like will “increase the cycle of violence,” as Palestinian lead negotiator Saeb Erekat put it?

The truly “ignorant,” however, are those who have bought the “Palestinian homeland” propaganda. Where was all this talk about a homeland for the Palestinians in 1948, when the Arab armies invaded Israel? Their aim was not to create a Palestinian state, but rather to carve up the rest of British Mandatory Palestine, as the secretary-general of the Arab League, Abdel Rahman Azzam, confessed at the time: “Abdullah [ruler of Transjordan] was to swallow up the central hill regions of Palestine . . . The Egyptians would get the Negev. The Galilee would go to Syria, except that the coastal part as far as Acre would be added to the Lebanon.” Until 1967, the so-called “West Bank” was part of Jordan, but none of the Arab nations agitated for the creation of a Palestinian state. The “Palestinian homeland” became a tactical weapon after violence failed to achieve the real aim, the destruction of Israel.

In fact, the Palestinians themselves have admitted that the “Palestinian homeland” is a tactical weapon for the destruction of Israel.



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Robert Spencer discusses Iran and Obama on Fox’s Follow the Money, December 14,

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The Wages Of Appeasement: Contempt From Russia And Iran


The administration came into office determined to warm relations with Russia. This “reset” was an antidote to the “dangerous drift” (Vice President Biden’s phrase) of the Bush years.

In fact, Bush’s coolness toward Russia was grounded in certain unpleasant realities: the Kremlin’s systematic dismantling of democracy; its naked aggression against Georgia; its drive to re-establish a Russian sphere of influence; and its support, from Syria to Venezuela, of the world’s more ostentatiously anti-American regimes.

Unmoored from such inconvenient realities, Obama went about his “reset.” The signature decision was the abrupt cancellation of a Polish- and Czech-based U.S. missile defense system bitterly opposed by Moscow.

The cancellation deeply undercut two very pro-U.S. allies who had aligned themselves with Washington in the face of both Russian threats and popular unease. Obama not only left them twisting in the wind. He showed the world that the Central Europeans’ hard-won independence was only partial and tentative. With American acquiescence, their ostensibly sovereign decisions were subject to a Russian veto.


I would like to be charitable and accuse Obama and his sponsors of being guilty only of rank stupidity and sheer incompetence but in truth it is more than clear that in fact he is a treacherous villain who has sold out the west, betrayed our brave allies and destroyed the U.S.A. The fact that Americans are poised to re-elect him leaves me stupefied.


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And the Crisis Winner Is? Government


Across Europe and the United States, the fiscal crisis is setting up an epic battle among government services, pensioners, government employees, creditors and taxpayers. There is simply not enough money coming in to pay all the promises politicians have made. The shortfalls and fights are challenging our democracies and shifting wealth from the private sector to ever bigger government.

The hope has been that Europe’s debt crisis would force government downsizing in time to meet cash flow requirements. Newfound fiscal discipline would provide a silver lining to the debt crisis. But that’s not working out.

Germany’s insistence on centralized fiscal discipline for the euro zone will lead to a massive expansion of bureaucracies in Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin. They’ll include temporary and permanent bailout funds, dangerously intrusive powers for the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, endless summits, new taxes on property, and recessions.



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The Contrarians Have Better Data

Lord Christopher Monckton:

Prof. Michael E. Mann writes (“Climate Contrarians Ignore Overwhelming Evidence,” Letters, Dec. 5) that his 1999 “hockey stick” graph “showed that average temperatures today are higher than they have been for at least the past 1,000 years.”

But Mr. Mann’s paper only covered the northern hemisphere. It included the questionable use of annual bristlecone-pine tree rings for temperature reconstruction. Even then, it replaced some tree-ring data with estimates. Tree-ring series that showed a 20th-century uptick were given 390 times the weighting of other series, according to a 2005 study by Ross McKitrick, an environmental economist at the University of Guelph. Mr. Mann and his fellow Climategate emailers used what they called “Mann’s Nature trick” to “hide” the mismatch between late-20th-century warming and the cooling the tree-rings showed.



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Mark Steyn at Restoration Weekend

Mark Steyn at Restoration Weekend

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Great …

Iran reports all its nuclear installations now underground

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How Iran’s Rulers Think about the Nuclear Program

by Harold Rhode:

As the Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic revolution in Iran, said: The Muslim world is engaged in a war with the non-Muslim world, a war which will end only when the non-Muslim world converts to Islam.[1]

What, then, is Islam, and what is the form of this religion that Khomeini wished should rule the world?

Although Khomeini, a staunch Shiite, wrote before he returned to Iran that Islam was “one,” and that the differences between the Sunnis and Shiites were secondary, he also constantly argued that the problems facing the Islamic world were the result of three sources: the hated Rashidun Caliphs, who were the first four leaders of the Sunni world after the Muslim prophet, Muhammad, died; the Umayyads, who ruled the Muslim world from Damascus from ca. 660- to 750 AD/CE, and the Abbasids (750-1258) from Baghdad.

The Sunnis, however, who make up about 85% of the approximately 1.4 billion Muslims throughout the world, see these Sunni rulers as the very embodiment of the Golden Age of Islam.

This is the context in which we should understand why obtaining nuclear weapons in so essential for the Iranian regime.



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‘Iceland formally recognizes Palestinian state’


PA hopes that move will lead others to follow suit; Iceland becomes first Western country to recognize Palestinian territories as an independent state.


I wouldn’t want to be Icelandic right now.


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With Controversy Over Gingrich Statement, UCI Urges Focus on San Remo

Esther Levens:

[On Wednesday, December 14th, 2011, UCI issued the following Press Release in answer to Republican Candidate Newt Gingrich’s comment on Friday, December 9th, in which he said,

“There was no “Palestine” as a state. (It was) part of the Ottoman Empire. And I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people who are, in fact, Arabs and who are, historically, part of the Arab community. And they had a chance to go many places and for a variety of political reasons, we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940s and I think it’s tragic.”

Here is the Press Release in it’s entirety. Please leave a comment! – UCI Staff]

The Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI – confirms that Republican Candidate, Newt Gingrich, was correct when he spoke with an interviewer on The Jewish Television Channel, December 9, 2011. (view the video here –

By unanimous vote in 1922, the League of Nations set a legal precedent at the San Remo Conference that cannot be overturned or ignored by the United Nations. After WWI when dividing the defeated Ottoman Empire, the League (precursor to the United Nations) legally gave the land of Israel and surrounding Palestinian territory to the then 14 million Jews living in the Palestinian territory and those scattered around the world. The League viewed this territory of Palestine as the Jewish “reconstituted homeland”. They (the Jews) were always referred to as Palestinians during the British Mandate. Prior to the Mandate there was no one people group called Palestinians and a country named Palestine did not exist. There are many documents testifying to these facts.



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Simon Wiesenthal Center: Time to clean up the discourse

By Jennifer Rubin:

Over the last week, Ben Smith, my colleague Greg Sargent and I have reported on the controversy concerning the Center for American Progress’s Think Progress bloggers and others in the left blogosphere who have deployed language that invokes anti-Semitic tropes of dual loyalty and who have peddled extreme anti-Israel views.

Perhaps in an effort to distract onlookers from the serious substance, CAP and its defenders have waged a war of words with Josh Block, a prominent Democratic activist who was quoted in Ben Smith’s original column and in subsequent reports. This episode is catnip for the left but ultimately, with all due respect to Block, this is a more substantive and bigger story than simply the dealings of one activist and a handful of bloggers whose rhetorical incontinence has come back to haunt them.

In response to my inquiry, Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center sent the following that puts this all in context:

Simon Wiesenthal Center Response to CAP and Media Matters “Israel Laster” Bloggers

The Middle East is a dangerous place — and not merely for people who live there. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult in this country to take a position sympathetic to the Jewish state and in favor of the continuation of America’s historic strong alliance with Israel without being called “an Israel Firster” and charged with “dual loyalties.”



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Thomas Friedman, the Demonization of Israel, and the Assault Against Josh Block

by Ron Radosh:

For good reason, the alarm bells have been rung about Thomas Friedman’s rather vile and anti-Semitic column in the New York Times. By now, the most objectionable paragraph has been cited in many places. For those who have not as yet read it, here it is:

I sure hope that Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, understands that the standing ovation he got in Congress this year was not for his politics. That ovation was bought and paid for by the Israel lobby. The real test is what would happen if Bibi tried to speak at, let’s say, the University of Wisconsin. My guess is that many students would boycott him and many Jewish students would stay away, not because they are hostile but because they are confused.

With that screed, Friedman reveals himself to be part of the Walt-Mearsheimer pack, arguing that the pro-Israeli bipartisan sentiment comes not from the American people’s support of Israel, but from the power of the mythical Israeli lobby to buy off all of Congress.

The best critique has been offered at Commentary’s Contentions blog by Jonathan S. Tobin, who points out that:



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The Persecution & Prayer Alert

The Persecution & Prayer Alert

The Voice of the Martyrs, Canada

Thursday, December 15, 2011

“Pain and suffering are not good; disobedience to Jesus is even

— Dr. Kiflu, Eritrean prisoner

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In this week’s edition: reports from Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria
and India.


1. Church elder killed in Mindanao, Philippines

(Source: VOM-USA)

MacArthur Arbado, an elder at the Bible Baptist Church in Carmen,
Cotabato, was murdered on November 10 as he returned to his farm. The
attackers shot him in the leg, back and abdomen before decapitating
him with his own machete. MacArthur leaves behind his wife, Lolita,
and 13 children.

Although his farm was surrounded by land owned by Muslims, he had a
good relationship with his neighbours. He learned to speak their
language and was called “uncle” by many. Often his Muslim friends
tried to convert him to Islam, but he stood firm in his faith and
talked with them about Christianity. MacArthur’s killers are thought
to be members of a separatist Muslim group in the area. VOM has met
with MacArthur’s family and provided some assistance.

Please pray that God will comfort Lolita, her children, and the
church. Pray that, as sufferings overflow, their comfort in Christ
will be more than enough for them (2 Corinthians 1:5). Pray that the
perpetrators of this attack will repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

To post a prayer of encouragement for these believers, visit our
Persecuted Church Prayer Wall at
. To learn more about persecution in the Philippines, please visit


2. Officials in Iran frantically deny spread of the gospel

(Source: Mohabat News)

The Iranian media is desperate to refute claims that Christianity is
spreading among Iranian youth and through cities considered to be
almost exclusively Islamic. The government-supported Jomhouri-e-Eslami
daily newspaper is calling the spread of Christianity an unfounded
rumour, but there are definite contradictions in fact to this
statement. On October 2, the government-supported news website,
Javan-Online, acknowledged that the acceptance of Christianity was
becoming a trend and reported 200 house churches were discovered in
just a few months in the traditionally Islamic city of Mashhad.

Many high ranking government officials and Islamic religious leaders
have also made statements expressing concern over the spread of
Christianity. Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, a prominent Islamic theologian
and writer, publicly spoke about the conversion of 600 people to
Christianity in the city of Neishabour, according to a local newspaper
in the Southern Khoarasan Province. The Head of the Ministry of
Intelligence in Iran, Heydar Moslehi, also warned the heads of
education in Iran about the spread of Christianity in schools.

Moslehi also cryptically announced there will be a new effort to fight
the growth of house churches in Iran, and there are serious concerns
that this Christmas season could bring intense persecution for
Christians. Last Christmas season, authorities from the Ministry of
Intelligence raided house churches and the homes of believers in Iran
arresting hundreds of Christians (for more information, visit

Please pray that this Christmas season believers throughout Iran will
be protected. Pray that God will grant them safety as they celebrate
the arrival of our Saviour. Pray that God will bless and strengthen
the faith of new converts to Christianity.

For more on the trials believers face in Iran, go to


3. Christians in Iraq’s Kurdish region under siege

(Source: Compass Direct News)

Christian-owned businesses were burned to the ground earlier this
month as unprecedented violence erupted against Christians in Iraq’s
Kurdish region. Local sources say the attacks were organized by a
pro-Islamic political party. The attackers waved flags that said,
“There Is No God but Allah,” according to Ankawa News.

A sermon by a mullah claiming there was moral corruption in the
northern town of Zakho seemed to be the trigger for a group of young
Muslim men to attack the businesses, according to the news outlet. The
following day, two more Christian neighbourhoods were attacked with
businesses being burned, and the attacks, reportedly organized by the
Kurdistan Islamic Union party, continued in other nearby regions for
several days as well.

Pray that God will sustain and encourage believers who lost property
in these attacks. Pray for lasting peace in this area. Pray that
increased persecution will result in increased boldness among
believers in Iraq (Acts 4:29-31).

Go to
to learn more about Iraq’s suffering Church.

This Christmas, fellow believers can help bring joy to brothers and
sisters in Iraq through our Christmas Blessing project. For $50, a
special package that contains daily necessities, such as a blanket,
sugar, rice, tomato paste, powdered milk, and cooking oil — as well
as a Bible — will be delivered to encourage believers as they live
and minister in a hostile environment. To be a blessing to Christians
in Iraq this Christmas, please phone our office or donate securely
online at


4. Nigerian believers killed and property destroyed by Muslim herdsmen
and soldiers

(Source: Compass Direct News)

At least 45 Christians were murdered by Muslim herdsmen and soldiers
in Nigeria in late November. Unfounded allegations of cattle theft
preceded the attacks, according to Christian leaders in Plateau state,
and thousands of vulnerable and unarmed Christians fled the area in
fear, leaving churches largely empty on the Sunday following the
attacks. Homes were burned, churches were closed and many Christians
were also maimed or injured. Muslims were also reportedly moving onto
the farms belonging to the Christians who had fled and were destroying
their crops. Witnesses say Fulani Muslim herdsmen were shouting,
“Allahu Akbar,” which means, “God is greater.”

During the same time, Muslim extremists helped members of the Islamic
terrorist sect Boko Haram destroy five church buildings in Nigeria’s
increasingly dangerous Yobo state in late November, displacing about
700 Christians. Previously in neighbouring Bauchi state, Islamic
radicals killed four Christians, including three girls. Boko Haram
seeks to impose a stricter version of Sharia (Islamic law) than that
already in place in northern Nigeria to expand it to the rest of the

Please pray that violence against Christians in Nigeria will cease and
that churches will once again be filled. Pray that all who witness
God’s provision and protection will turn to Christ. Pray that God will
bring verses of Scripture to mind that will comfort those who are
grieving (Psalm 119:49-56).

To learn more about persecution in Nigeria, please visit


5. Update: Falsely imprisoned pastor released in India

(Source: Global Council of Indian Christians)

Reverend C.M. Khanna, who was arrested and imprisoned on false charges
of forced conversion in the Kashmir Valley in India in October, was
granted bail by the Srinagar court and has been released from jail.

When Rev. Khanna could not help a Muslim cleric, the Grand Mufti,
obtain admission for a student into one of the schools run by the
Church of North India (CNI), it is believed the Grand Mufti retaliated
by summoning the Christian to appear before the Sharia court on false
charges of forced conversion based on video evidence of a routine
baptism ceremony in his church. The seven newly baptized Christians
had also previously been detained and beaten (for more, go to
). Rev. Khanna appeared before the Sharia court in the interests of
communal harmony in the Kashmir Valley, even though he was not legally
bound in any way to appear before a Muslim court in a secular country
like India. The arrest of Rev. Khanna has caused great fear among
believers, however, say local sources.

Please pray that Reverend Khanna’s courage and faith during his ordeal
will be a testimony to others. Pray that efforts to win more souls for
Christ will be blessed. Pray that God will soften the hearts of those
opposed to the gospel in Kashmir Valley.

For more information on India’s suffering believers, please visit


The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of The Voice of the
Martyrs, Canada. (Mailing address: P.O. Box 608, Streetsville,
Ontario, L5M 2C1)

Tel. (905) 670.9721. Website:


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Documents Reveal Coordination Between ACORN Affiliate and Justice Department Voting Section

Documents Reveal Coordination Between ACORN Affiliate and Justice Department Voting Section

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