Proverbs 21:30

Could We See World War Three in Our Lifetimes?

By Adam Yoshida:

The world situation today is as unsettled as it has been at any time since the late 1930s. Indeed, I believe that the underlying cause of this is the same as it was in that era: irresolute policies by Western leaders that will, if they are not corrected soon, leave nations with no choices except for abject surrender and all-out war. Time and time again world leaders have chosen to punt dangerous problems down the road rather than take the risks necessary to resolve them today. Some of these problems, such as China’s reckless pursuit of short-term growth as a substitute for political reform, unsustainable global debt loads, Iran’s headlong rush towards nuclear weapons, the illegal movement of ten million Mexicans into the United States, and Europe’s lackadaisical economic integration, can and will have no happy resolution. The question is what shade of terrible the results will be.




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